Most loot left behind

I’ve been playing B1 to lead up to B3. Played B2 on PS4, built my gaming rig in February, playing it all again…
I never finished B1, as I got into the franchise with B2. I stopped picking up white/green/blue loot in B2 not very long into the game.
I’m now in B1 farther than I’ve ever been and I just ignore white/green/blue. This is a problem, IMHO. Shooter looter, you want us to just ignore most of the drops? I don’t want legendaries to regularly drop from the sky, but this is stupid. I was bitten by the Destiny bug twice, and now I’ll never go back but Destiny had the same problem.


BL1 and BL2 loot work in very different ways. Gear in BL1 lasts for more levels, but there’s also by that metric a bigger difference between rare weapons and common weapons.

BL2 has the level-scaling thing, so while rares and Legendaries start out better, the levelling mechanic soon (ish) makes them less effective, especially on TVHM and higher.

It’s a tricky thing. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of BL3 to know exactly how that’s going to turn out. I’m hoping for some more Inside The Box articles myself.

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Because of the speed with which gear gets out-levelled in BL2, I frequently choose lower rarity guns to replace aging purples and legendaries in my backpack. I guess it depends how kind the RNG Gods are to you :slightly_smiling_face:

Related to this is the need to collect gear to sell. A problem with BL1 and BL2 was that there was rarely anything worth buying in the vendors. TPS was better but not perfect. I’m using the BL2 Reborn mod currently and that gives much better gear in the vendors. I find I’m spending much more, which makes picking up gear, to sell on, worthwhile. I’ll be interested to see how they balance this in BL3.

In my experience BL1 had decent selection in vending machines: I bought quite a few legendaries there, and somehow it feels that most of my shields came from vendors too, at least early on. BL2 was a different story, very stingy.

As far as not picking anything below purple - I need to go and check, but at least in BL1 I had a couple of mashers at that rarity that I simply loved and used for quite some time. And vice versa, even legendary rocket launchers did not do it for me in BL1…

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BL1 being the first game had systems that where at times fairly un balanced or un polished. Inventory size, placement of vending machines, money drops, all that stuff hasn’t aged the best especially when comparing to how BL2 handles this stuff. You will find cash and inventory to be big factors early in your game. After your first playthrough however you will wonder how they where ever an issue.
The same can be said about loot. There are a number of red text guns that are quite simply bad. I mean that mostly but comparison with other weapons. I will say this I like how much value money had in the first game. Between SDUs for Ammo and shops having good loot far more often then in BL2 I ever have in BL2.

In short ya BL1 throws alot of loot that amounts to the cash it for. But this feeds in to the main gameplay and reward loop the game is based on.

You kill things for Quest, enemy drops loot, loot is bad?, sell loot, check stores for good loot, buy good gun, go do more quests to get more loot.
After the first game they definitely tightened it up so we would cycle though drops and weapons much more frequently so we don’t even notice how much loot we are selling.

Well just pick up the white/green/blue loot and the problem is solved. :sunglasses:

To me it was more of an issue mid-late game where drops were so plentiful I’d avoid green or lower just because I didn’t want to keep going in to either toss things to make room or find a vendor to sell it. Actually at end game it was avoiding all but legendary or better or extremely good purples

Well BLPS fixed this “issue”.
The grinder where you upgrade 3 white =1 green, 3 green =1 blue, 3 blue = 1 purp, 3 purp = 1 legend; until they patched it where you couldn’t make legendaries anymore.:(.
Now if you can salvage parts from guns in bl3…

…I…I think you can make legendaries

…if you already have legendaries. Hm. Well. That’s messy

Every aRPG does this for reasons I’m not really an expert on. Maybe to give reason for inventory slot upgrades, so that you carry more back to the vendor? I liked torchlight where you had a pet that just sold stuff for you while you continued playing.
Maybe it’s to enhance the experience of getting a good drop? If you see that series of crappy ones, you are more “primed” to be excited for a purple or legendary drop. They provide the dull backdrop for the bright color to contrast against.

I think bosses and challenges should always give good loot though. In previous games, only really big bosses had guaranteed good drops (killing Iwajira, for instance, was a good way to get some random purples).
Killing, say, Red & Belly and getting a crappy green or two from the, and some green pistols from the chest they guard is kinda sucky.

3 legendary was required to make a luneshine legendary…
The one on top would be the legendary type that would become luneshine.
They could refine it so you added the new luneshine ability “anointed” to a specific legendary.