Most OP purple nades

What’s some of the best grenades in the game that aren’t orange. I heard some purples are really op and better than legendaries. What’s a list of really good ones

It almost certainly comes down to personal preference. I love MIRV/Nuke mixes (with Impact or Explode only) because getting them beneath the target will cause all the submunitions to fire at once (since they hit the target right as they spawn for detonation), so the target will eat like twelve nukes at once if it’s built/tossed right. Super fun, but not necessarily unique to this grenade? A Porcelain Pipe Bomb in someone’s undercarriage will do much the same thing.

Multiple singularity effects is a hoot, and I’m still on the lookout for multiple Force effects (on something not Rain or MIRV - I want to move them in a specific direction, not have them bounced around randomly).

I have a bouncing one that goes on for about 5-6 bounces with the 25% on throw damage boost. It’s dangerous close courters

I am a pretty big fan of the Tracker grenades. I like being able to throw and forget. Singularities are similar. As for specific Trackers I like Mirv and Cloning. The more that go out the better.

There’s actually a couple YouTube videos on Purple grenades.