Most Over Powered THING in Battleborn

Team Work… seriously. Communication is paramount in PvP. If your a player who cries about character balance, surrendering, or the matchmaking (ex. CR level 50 but other 4 players on my team CR is less than 20 combined) but don’t use a mic then your not helping anyone. Even in random games with pugs i still have my mic on to communicate with my team mates regardless if they can talk to me. Also help the lower levels understand MOBA style strategies. Most console gamers have not had access to MOBA style games. So please help the BB community grow with team work and communication.

Posted a FYI on my community wall that said: “FYI during PvP, pressing DOWN on the D-Pad will teleport you to home base for instant regen.” I had 3 ppl msg me, the highest being level 67 CR and he didn’t know. Share the knowledge and strategies.


Team work needs nerf

…nah it’s cool actually…I’ll still mute all as soon as I hear any porker munching on potato chips in my ear.


Yeah, too bad people I try and talk to via mics are almost always salty.

“Guys, we need to stop teamfighting and capture points, we’re falling behind.”
“NO FKING ST, BRO!” continues teamfighting and ignoring capture points

You can’t communicate with pubs who are not interested in communicating either.

Communication rock yes; however, simple common teamwork protocols go a long way.

Don’t clog the fire lane.
If you are running back from the fight don’t run into people trying to fight.
If a man is down and you can get to them, do that first, then loot.
If things get hairy fall back and help. Charging forward might get your @$$ killed.
If you are combat support, support…then shoot stuff.

I think you get the idea.

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I’m mostly in party chat with the people I’m.playing with or friends in other modes or games, but when I see a teammate with a mic I switch to team chat for the duration.