Most Powerful Build

So, I recently had a debate with another individual about a Mechromancer build and which was most powerful. He was adamant that a strictly Anarchy focused build with a Slayer of Terra COM was absolute.

I disagreed, but only because I don’t think any one build can rule them all - there’s so many ways to successfully play. Mine is radically different than his and is also at OP8, like him. And it works with ease.

But I was also wondering what other people thought. So, let me know what you think;
What the Strongest Mechromancer Build is in your own opinion.

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I’m no expert but i’d suggest someone saying that anything using a Slayer of Terra COM is the best might be smoking something…


When I started looking into builds, I came across one that claimed to be the shizz for raiding. On paper it looked completely ridiculous - I scoffed. It was poka’s…:flushed: …I realized at that moment I have no idea.

I’d like to say that a Slayer build is silly ( I need to stack for how long??? ), but 600 stacks is pretty badass. Certainly not for me though.

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You can only use 600 stacks Shamfleeting or Sham any AoE RL. Or meleeing.
Just saying.

It is hard to point the most powerful build. Roid Elemental DT is pretty strong, so is the Catalyst setup. The Bee with Fibber is also pretty powerful.

I guess it ends up being about the use. Mobbing, Raiding, Peak. Or just to have fun.


There was a build I saw once where someone had SiC and gave DT a big boom blaster, and decimated enemies by throwing fastballs 24/7. I imagine a similar set up with a catalyst build and a quasar would be dope for mobbing.

It may not due the highest DPS, but no enemy would ever hit you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Come to find out he is a shamfleet-er. Heavy into Anarchy, doesn’t use BSS, uses Buck Up…he seems the type who prefers exploits and easy routes…


therefore boring


Pretty much.

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Glad I’m not the only one in that regard.

He was advising a brand new player about the best build for Gaige…felt a bit like a self-taught know-it-all who was educated by way of misinformation and easy-outs…if that makes sense?


Also, just caught him in a lie.

Mentioned my Bouncing Bullet Barrage build and linked the thread;

Said he had heard about it forever ago and that it was fun. I asked how long ago, he said like a year—

It’s only been up about a month.


Sure that wasn’t me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But really, all exploit builds are dull and provide nothing creative, challenging, new, interesting. I refuse to pack a Norfleet even though I have a bunch in various lockers. I also refuse to go over 250 stacks - not because I dislike the accuracy loss at 400 (even though I do) but because of the time it takes. One death = rage quit.

I play for enjoyment and mental stimulation. I kinda figure all the rational people here are the same.


The only time I used the Slayer was in a LBT melee build. Really funny!

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I have grown to detest builds involving shamfleeting. Utterly undermines what Gaige is capable of.


Someone probably posted a similar build somewhere else. The game is 5 years old now, there aren’t many original builds left.

And while we’re here, let’s remember that everyone enjoys something different from the game. While shamfleeting may be boring to you, it is a play style that exists within the game’s mechanics. And to be honest, as cheesy as it is, it is also one of the highest DPS set-ups on any character, and if one defines the “best” build as the one that does the most damage, they would have to include shamfleeting as one of the best builds.

Just playing devil’s advocate.


To be fair, this is a game involving numbers. “Easy outs” in these types of games often give consistently higher numbers for the least effort, ergo being more “efficient”. It’s a mindset that just goes with the RPG genre (this is one of the only RPGs where people aren’t clamoring toward 1 or 2 builds for every character, a testament to how well balanced the game is) that >damage+<effort=better. If efficiency is what your friend wants, then shamfleeting fits the bill.


I tried a Slayer com once against Terra, just for the irony :wink:


I agree with you in the “to each his own” aspect and endorse that concept fully. What bothered me was his absoluteness on this was most powerful end of story, other builds are a waste of time. That’s what I am disagreeing with. I try not to condemn anyone as I am no saint myself. By all means, if you like playing the game that way, then do it. Doesn’t mean I have to play that way or like it and you don’t have to play my way and/or like it.

But don’t tell me I’m doing it wrong. Because there is no wrong way to play. That’s what we were disagreeing about, if this helps clear up everything.


Thoughts on this build? Trying to go for dps without having to shamfleet. Thinking of putting my legendary anarchist as the class mod but open to farming other mods if they fit the build better. Also gear suggestions? Im getting more into gaige and away from my Maya so i know im going to need to start farming for shottys and trading someone for a fibber but any other suggestions help.

It looks like it could work. Couple questions though;
How do you plan to use Death Trap?
And will you be using elemental weaponry?

The trick with identifying any ‘best’ or ‘most powerful’ is establishing a set of specific metrics or benchmarks against which you grade the candidates. With each of those terms being somewhat fluid, depending on context, the ideal approach should be to incorporate a variety of content to throw them at.

While this likely seems indeterminate, you can start to recognize patterns when you look at things like the TT leaderboards. If you’re seeing the same things in top positions against raids and arenas, you’ll be onto something.