Most powerful class on highest levels single player

Hi, I’m starting new game in TPS (I played 200+h in BL2)
, which class is most powerful on high levels ?
Nisha? Jack ?

If you’re looking for an easy mode Gunzerker type character then maybe Nisha would come the closest. But all of the characters are good. The skill trees are so much better in this game.

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Define most powerful for you.

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Honestly, Nisha makes the game easy mode at any level with her action skill.

You don’t even need to look at your screen…

However you will get a finger cramp if you use a Jakobs…

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The strongest three are Athena, Nisha and Jack. Nisha is the easiest, and can use pretty much anything, Athena is the hardest and needs certain guns, Jack is the only balanced character who doesn’t suck at everything, and cat turn any gun into whatever he feels like (A combination Infinity Chopper Lascaux) only without the ■■■■■■ accuary that is the trademark of those guns

All the toons are strong. Now how about most fun eh?
Clappy happy happy clappy.