Most powerful in UVHM?

So a friend and I are going to have a competition on who can do a few of the bosses and some of the quests the fastest with the fewest FFYL times.

I have played Nisha and Athena the most and I personally fine Nisha to be the most OP but any comments on who might be the best toon to pick to kick his *** with? =)

What is the most OP class in the game on UVHM? Yes I know a lot is based on personal preference, but lot is also based on action skill and build choices…

Jack is basically unstoppable when specd even half decent

For me Athena is always on 1st place. With right equipment she is very OP and has the best defense skills.

Can you guys link the build and gear for what works best? I can farm most things to get them prepped just not sure what to look for.

Maybe a link to the build in their forums if they have one

I use this

Athena is the strongest, but she’s more gear dependent and requires more attention, jack can use anything and just never die

So I will ask here so I don’t derail your Snowball thread since you are keeping it a hybrid…

If I wanted to focus on making it a faster kill build would I run it as is? Or would you focus more on cryo or explosive?

You were saying in your thread it was hybrid and not min/maxed so I was curious what you would do if you wanted to fine tune it and try for more DPS.

Deputy jack build. I’ll find a link

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