Most puzzling thing about this game for me is Axton and mali snipers

he doesn’t get any Steady damage bonuses for them

any reason why not? Would make them too powerful perhaps? Most puzzling thing for me.
I wonder if it was tricky for Gearbox guys to program this.


Tricky? Or devious?

Splash damage is ridiculously complex in the game. Multiple splash types with multiple exceptions. Someone drank the koolaid when they write the code.

Incidentally, the Volcano does get grenade boosts, so Axton can make it work better than other characters. Storm too.

And Maya can make better use of Sniders.


For me (through the lens of ‘expected damage type per weapon’), that the Landscaper shot doesn’t get grenade damage seems strange.

For the sniper rifles - I imagine the initial decision was, “no grenade damage on any sniper rifle” (which makes sense off the cuff), which was later backed off for two of them with a patch.


The Flakker and Bearcat are the other disappointments for me. The Carnage would be if I ever found one.


Thing is, the Mali sniper splashes like anything else E.g. I can shoot one into middle of a mob and slag 2 or even 3 of them.

Which is why I say it may have been tricky to program, because the Mali sniper IS like a Mali pistol, or perhaps only the status effect splashes and not the damage

That is all.


Right, but this sub/off- topic bit is for more puzzling weapons than disappointing. I still love the Landscaper… just puzzled by its damage type. What’s puzzling to you about those weapons?

That the Bearcat doesn’t get grenade damage is, for example, puzzling to me because I don’t think any of the other grenadiers get grenade damage either.

That the Flakker’s sweet spot is so small (or just hard to nail) when it appears to fill a giant volume with explosions is a little puzzling to me.


@Kuolemanlaakso, I merely meant it was disappointing they don’t get grenade boosts. That said, I know how you love to defend your Flakker - so carry on :smiley:

Well the OP’s point is valid : why Maliwan pistols but not snipers? Why ARs but not Torgue-barreled ARs (actually demonite makes a point about those)? Why a Ravager but not a Flakker?

Those are rhetorical of course.

I am disappointed by a couple of these but yes, puzzled and fascinated by all the decisions the designers made to ultimately make this the most complex and convoluted game that I know of.

Things like this keep me coming back.


Haha I know what you meant, I just enjoy extra excuses to post Mr. Torque imagery :joy:

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If you’re talking about the Pimpernel. Splash isn’t the sole reason why you’re slagging multiples enemies.

No pimpernel, just a standard blue Mali sniper (think it’s called rakehall or something)