Most quest items are still useless trash

one would think they would actualy make those worth while damage wise seeing non can roll an anointment… basicly making them useless trash…


My FL4K has been having fun with the first Jakobs Pistol you are rewarded in the new DLC. Took me a bit to figure out it’s best use, but it is performing pretty well for me IMHO. M8.


Does it always come with a 4 bullet capacity? I wanted to use it but I don’t like constantly reloading.

Probably. Mine is 4 bullets as well. However the reload on it is very very fast.
I could really get it rolling to where it almost felt full auto and a ton of mini explosions around the person I was shooting.

I was like you at first, but once I played around with it I quickly started using it in fights.

What’s the name of this pistol? I think I must have gotten it but want to be sure.

I was getting decent damage numbers on the target in sanctuary with the dastardly Dakota shotgun.
The bubble gun was also doing well against mobs.
Edit: name of gun

The Peashooter. Bullet deflection and the surrounding splash with this weapon is a BIG problem. You really need to treat it almost like a sniper in order not to kill yourself.

fun gun… but like i said… no anointment = useless

it gets outclassed so hard by even a blue anointed weapon…

Then you rely heavily on annointed gear when the power creep is kinda making it not needed. Also most quest rewards I received have been annointed. Your experience does not speak for everyone.


Hopefully we get a working veterans reward machine soon so these quest items can come annointed.

Also isnt m10 supposed to be 100% annointed?

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Like I said my rewards are annointed.

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not my fault they designed the game this way…

if it where up to me i’d remove anointments all together… it’s been a balancing hell from the getgo…

it is… quest items however can NOT roll an anointment

Except some can like the core buster quest reward

Sorry if its poor quality I am on my phone.

I believe it is called Dueling Peashooter.
It is a red text Purple.


Depends on your build.
I am only running M8 because of the MH 2.0 stupid modifiers and it works fine for my FL4K build.

That hasn’t been a problem for my FL4K but he isn’t using any splash enhancements. I could definitely see this as a problem for Moze LoL.

Simple fix… nerf annoints to make annoints bonuses and not mandatory… Then weapons without annoints are viable even of they aren’t too of the line.

Agree with this. Anoints should supplement AS/gun damage and gameplay not replace it. I would also add to this that the anointments should not be as class/build specific as they are. If it buffs an AS it should do it generically so it can apply to multiple VHs. Having all these anointments that only work for 1 VH and in many cases 1 VH using 1 specific AS is OBNOXIOUS and is why the farming of gear is such a nightmare. Also, remove super niche anointments like sliding and while airborne or remove anointment from gear entirely and put them on trinkets! Then they could add as many as they want and I won’t care.


Would agree if you took the “quest” out of the title. “Most items are still useless trash”. Quest items do not have the monopoly here.

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So last night I decided to Farm Traunt as I was looking for some Level 60 shield options. With my FL4K I ran the entire Athenas run to Traunt using only my Duelling Peashooter, storm grenade, and pet.
Had no problems whatsoever.

Just sayin…