Most Useful Grenade Mods & Shields?

Besides the Hexes and Stop-Gaps in the game what grenade mods and shields do you find useful? Any you think are useful but need a buff?

No need a buff.
Rain Firestorm, Spring Epicenter, Storm Front, Quasar. Good grenades.

Transformer and Front loader are really good shields and if You get anointed one… :upside_down_face:

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I can’t quite remember the exact name of it but I have a legendary Moxxi grenade that is a Transfusion bouncing grenade. The more it bounces the more damage it does. Initial damage is like 3400ish but obviously that drastically increases per bounce. It is the only grenade I have come across that actually does damage to enemies.

EDIT: It is Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair

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I really like my recharger shields. :slight_smile:

My reoccurring hex radiation wastes enemies.

Messy breakup, transformer, back ham, brawler ward.

Frozen Heart on a Zane clone build is hilarious.

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