Most useful Maya build?

Alright so I narrowed it down and I’m going to give Maya a try since she’s so popular with the community. What are you guys’ opinions on the most useful Maya build? I don’t know much about her, so I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Hey @taylorccox. You’ll have a lot of fun on Maya.

Have you checked the build list already?

A lot of the posters can probably help narrow it down for you if you give them some guidance as to your play style.

I have not. I was unaware that there was a build list. Would you mind giving me a link to it? :smile:

The following thread has several build lists.

On the other hand, it seems as though you’ll also be leveling her. You should use the resource guide that is stickied on the top of the Maya section for hints and tips as to that.

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t recommend giving mine a shot.

My build video

and thread

Just had to 1up me with a video eh…

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it took me 3 years to get to that point, lol

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If I had a computer I’d attempt making one but I don’t so I can’t

Preciate it guys.


I’m a solo player, and I use this the vast majority of the time:

It has 1/5 Fleet for swapping into a Breakneck Banshee com for speed farming and 1/5 Kinetic Reflection for when I throw on a Blurred Trickster. Most of the time, I go with a Legendary Siren, Bee, Bone of the Ancients, and Magic Missile or Quasar. Corrosive Pimpernel, Bekah, slag gun, and Harold are my typical gun set. This has taken me through OP8, and works great everywhere.

If I played co-op, or when I feel like switching it up and rolling without Thought Lock, I look to Derch’s build. Mine is not ideal for co-op, at all. His is more flexible between solo and co-op, and I’m a believer in having Life Tap if I don’t have Thought Lock to give enemies something else to shoot at.

Axton players rave about 26/15/26 or whatever, but if you want to do Maya justice her similar construct is something along the lines of 15/26/26 for the Crowd Control/Healing/Damage. Wrecks face when it comes to mobbing.