Most useless Helix

What is the most useless Helix?

Whiskeys 4 bust fire shot is the most useless in the game. With the amount of trash damage he does with slow reload, damage and shoot speed it has to be the most useless Helix in the game.

ISIC level 8. Both of em.

Literally useless. Of no use.

Both require wards to last their full duration, and grant reduced CD (based on remaining health) or extra duration.

Pre-nerf, these were both pretty weak. Post-nerf, useless.

mellka level 8 mutation. +4 seconds of venom… why would you get that when you can get poison bullets


The duration buff is only useless by comparison to the other and because the damage buff on envenomated characters is so low. I feel the developers are hesitant to boost this because Melka’s DPS could get too out of hand.

Ambra’s right side lvl 10 helix. It adds 3 seconds to the duration of her ult’s burn effect without increasing the damage. It literally does nothing except allow an enemy more time to escape and/or heal up.

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Probably one of my favorite helixes in the game, tbh. Huge dps boost for him.

The worst one would undoubtedly be Cald’s Phasebang. It literally only lets his flashbang pass through allies, whom he should already be in front of in the first place.


im like 99% sure they put that one there for pve. should be swapped out for something that actually makes sense in a pvp match

Problem is it doesn’t do anything in PvE either. Stunning is the other choice and is still the better one even in PvE.

Montanas 100% wind up speed. Literally saves u .5 seconds on windup that your alt fire does anyways

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Oscar Mike - lvl2 - child grenades.

Child grenades sucked in Borderlands and child grenades suck in Battleborn.

Gearbox, stahp…


Chalts +100% scrap trap health. If you picked the helix that cloaks your traps, this should already be a non-issue. Even if not, you’ll be passing up an awesome upgrade for your hook, which let’s you do damage while the enemy is hooked

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Attikus First level helix “Energetic Burst”: It gives you bonus damage at the beginning of his leap, not the landing.

You can count in one hand the number of opportunities to make it effective.


Kleese’s exploding for damage on death.

I suppose you could get some use out of it now and then and troll whoever killed you but when you have to choose it on the same tier as heal chair and 10 extra chair energy? Yeah…not happening.


Same feeling, god that helix is terrible positioned.

lol, umm, I know for a fact you don’t know how to play Whiskey right…



Why on Earth would he be in front of his teammates?

Because he’s short ranged, his two most damaging abilities put him in melee range if you’re really feelin’ it, Mr. Krabs, and his highest dps is melee.

If the Helix would also change the magazine capacity to 40 rounds, I would choose it every time.

I wouldn’t say he should be in front, but he definitely shouldn’t be behind his allies. He should be out on the side, flanking people. Doing so means you won’t have any allies you need to shoot your grenade through. Phasebang is definitely useless for him.