Most Versatile Amara Build

I know, I know… She’s not the most powerful VH, so why play her? Well, I’m under the firm belief that GBX uses her as the baseline for where VH power should be in BL3. While Zane and Moze need some much needed rebalancing, Amara (despite the recent nerf) hums along destroying everything in her path while keeping things challenging. @Prismatic makes some very well thought out and informative analysis on what should be done for Zane and Moze in this thread here.

So, this post isn’t about who is/isn’t the most powerful, but this is THE most definitive build I have come up with for Amara. You can throw in just about any gear combo you could dream up and have fun with it all. Now, that is not to say that you can clear all content with whatever you want… There’s no fun in that. But this build can allow you to have fun with a large array of gear all over the Borderverse. For starters, here’s my skill tree layout:

Skill Calculator • Amara • BL3 | Lootlemon

And here’s a nice playthrough video showing you the diversity of my Amara build:

I use a lot of God-roll gear, but come on… This is end gear content here… While you don’t need to have the exact gear I have, finding stuff close to it will make your experience more enjoyable. As for what you want to use, that is up to you. You can see the gear I prefer in my video. I like being able to travel fast without the nausea inducing super speed movement you get from a Spiritual Driver setup. I can’t stand moving around that fast… Anyway, that’s just me. You can throw in any Class Mod you want and have some fun. Plus, you’re not limited to TTB here… You can use this same skill tree setup for Phasecast, Slam, or whatever Action Skill you prefer. Obviously, this build does not fit well with melee, since it’s not build around that. But I do not use melee in any BL game. And that’s just a personal choice. I prefer the Snowdrift Deathless artifact, but as long as you have a Deathless artifact, it can be whatever you want on the front end. Shields are limited to your imagination. Just remember that this build uses no health regen or life steal since I use the urad anointment for 100% uptime by keeping my health under 50%. You can achieve this by using a Frontloader shield, too. Which opens up your artifact to whatever you want, but then you’re limited to a Frontloader shield.

But that’s what’s great about this build. You plug in the skill tree, then have fun with whatever gear combo you want. That’s pretty much it for this build. Please don’t come at me with “but you’re using a plasma coil”. I use that weapon for True Takedowns, so yeah, when it comes to the hardest endgame content, I’m using the most powerful gear. It kinda just makes sense to do that. And FFYL is a game mechanic that should be utilized, and not looked at as being weak for using it. Why would you handicap your playstyle by using what the game offers as an intended mechanic? Use all that the game provides to help you command dominance over your Borderlands 3 universe. HF!