Most versatile character?

Who do you guys think?

Not just “really good at doing one or two very specific extremely powerful things” but across the board, able to efficiently operate with a variety of different skillsets / playstyles / weaponry rather than being pigeonholed into very specific roles?

I think there might actually need to be one choice for co-op and another for solo, as certain characters (Clappy, Aurelia) have some very co-op specific abilities and skills.

Until i solo UVHM with Jack, Athena and Nisha I do not feel qualified to make an overall choice.

EDIT: Changed topic title from “most well balanced” to “most versatile”.

And yes this thread was inspired by @totocar2001 's thread here:

I don’t think Clappy is good for coop.

Each time you use VH.EXE, you 100% mess up your teammates.

Either by making them bounce, by killing them due to grenades, etc

The only good thing is the sacrifice thing, and also med bot.

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I totally forgot that his VH.EXE happens to team mates, too, it’s been sooooo long since I played TPS co-op!

His middle skill tree does provide a bunch of team bonuses though, right?


It does, but beware of One Shot Wonder which is also in the middle tree.

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Uh no. Gun wizard helps EVERYONE. Then there are action packages that are neutral to the team, like blightbot, the turret bot, stealth mod, pirate ship mode, disco ball etc. I know that was probably hyperbole, but seeing as how tone is hard to read through text, it’s probably best to avoid doing so.

You can also avoid getting the more hazardous action packages all together by avoiding the skills that throw them in to the mix.

There’s also Maniacal Laughter that’s a miracle when used properly, the healing novas, the high fives…

The most versatile is probably Sal. It’s always Sal. He does damage, he tanks, he can regen the team’s ammo, simply being able to dual wield (and ignoring all the outright “broken” things it brings) which allows you to deal damage AND revive AT THE SAME TIME!

Only thing that beats him out in terms of versatility is phaselock since it either A) Immobilizes a squirrely enemy or B) revives from long range.

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Great post, but in this case i was actually just talking about TPS.

Sorry friend :frowning:

So no one wants to break this one down, huh?

I was hoping you guys would jump all over this one…

Oh. Well in that case it’s a toss up between Athena and Claptrap. Probably Timothy, too, I just didn’t put as many hours in to him to make a sound argument.

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Athena for sure. The only gear that doesn’t function well with her is Jakobs. But she is adept at multiple play styles and roles. Clappy is second with his three distinct skill trees.


Yes, Athena.

For one, she’s invulnerable (unless she gets shot from behind) during her action skill. During her action skill, she can charge her enemies and make them bleed, and when they bleed they EXPLOOOOOOOOOOOODDE (THIS IS AWESOME).

Then, she can change to any elemental weapon and do loads of damage (but to gain the stacks to do that damage, she needs a shock/fire weapon, which means… Theeeee THUNDERFIRE laser)

But yeah, Athena can be a melee queen, an invulnerable assassin, or an elemental gunzzz specialist. She also gets healed when she makes people bleed.

Do you need more?

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Athena can be invincible, A Ninja and a goddess of Infinite violence and Lightning.

Jack can make anything do anything.

Claptrap isn’t so much versatile as too strong to notice how weak he is.

Nisha is a one trick pony. The pony in question is big, has glowing red eyes, and devours the Souls of it’s enemies.

Aurelia can Snipe or freeze. She’s good at it, but not versatile.

Never got good with Wilhelm. People say he’s good, and he’s very hard to put down with the right mods.

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My vote hands down goes to Jack for most versitile easily. No matter what gun meets your fancy Jack can make it work :wink: with his buffs being so broad and boosting all weapon types (not just explosions or elemants like clappy or athena) then match that with company man for even more added bonuses. Put anything in his hand and you now have the most op weapon in the game lol. (If you utilize his gear/skills correctly that is)

The game is not that hard, any toons could be versatile and still kick ass. To me, Athena is the most fun to play, her action skill is not distracting, high dps, high survivability.

Compared to:
Jack, digi jacks are very annoying.

Will, ditto wolf and saint.

Clappy, can’t remember last I use its action skill. I rather ffyl than activate it.

Baroness, she is fine with shard but can’t face tank.

Nisha, she is easy mode. Everybody like easy mode but won’t play for long.

I don’t think Athena is versatile. She can’t really ADS, so snipers are a bit out of her scope.

I’d say Wilhelm is the most versatile one, if you consider the range of gear he can use, and Clappy if you consider DPS, melee, support etc. To be what defines versatile.

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Granted his digi jacks do tend to get very annoying they are still extremely helping. Reviving allies in co-op is cake with jack considering they are practically human sheilds that take most agro onto them. (Could do without them spawning in my face though… Nothing more unsitely then Jacks ass in your face while trying to kill enemies)

Jack, I guess.

Thanks for the thoughts and input, guys.