Most Wanted Returning Unique

So, we have seen the return of one of BL2 most meta weapons in the Unkempt Harold. We have quite a few returning legendaries, most are lackluster at best and down right awful for the most part. But what i get nostalgic for are those blue uniques that totally changed the game for BL2. I know we have blue uniques in BL3 but for the life of me, i can’t recall a single one…
Pimpernel, Orphan Maker, Sandhawk, Rapier, Hive, Ruby, Blockhead, Chopper, Cobra, Magic Missile, Swordsplosion (epic), Love Thumper, Law and Order, Chera Me and Good and Bad Touch… probably missed a few.

I’ve seen very few nonlegendaries that are good enough to put in my loadout, besides the new DLC 3 purples that are working fantastic like the Dakota and the Peashooter. Whether they be designated drops or mission rewards, i would like to see some blue and or epic uniques that can be used in M10.

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none of bl2 but if i was to absolutely have one in bl3 twister? yes please and for the love of god not pimpernel. game has enough noob tubes

Ooh i forgot about the Twister, nice. So good on Zero.
But i agree to disagree on the Pimp. With the state of Sniper Rifles in this game and the lack of viability, i would welcome something like a Pimpernel callback. Loved that weapon

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I just want some worthwhile side quest rewards in general. Why do side quests outside of leveling up a new character? Even then just beat the game and enable Mayhem mode, easy max level with no incentive to play side quests.


Yes, this!! I miss being able to get a guaranteed awesome item from mission rewards. Again, DLC 3 is a step in the right direction but we need more

Good to know!

On topic, I’m jonesing for some Boganella (TPS, not BL2, but still).


The boganella? Sounds vaguely familiar but i can’t seem to recall it exactly. Was that the pickle shotgun that talked to you?

Holy cow, how did i forget to mention the Hail and the Kitten??
It is a shame what they did to the Hail in BL3. SMH

You make it sound so plain. :laughing: The voice in that shotgun is hilarious.

For me it’s the Hail.

Yes, I know it’s in the game, but it’s not really viable (well, the 175% Crit version may be with Magavore Fl4k).

I’m talking about a legendary version of the Hail that has the projectile split and splash damage from BL2. Similar to what GBX did with the Redistributor.

I’d also like to see The Kitten, Pimp, Twister, Fibber, and Lady’s Fist make a comeback.

For shields, bring back the Neo/Evo (same difference), Antagonist, and the Blockade.

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