Mother of Grogans - dont waste your time

60 kills - 6 Legendary Artifacts.
x3 Moxxis Endowment (+8%xp). Could be a purple AT BEST. Certainly not a legendary. I dont even understand why its a Legendary.
x2 Rocket Boots (sends fire projectiles when slamming). Should be a blue at best. Another mystery Legendary.
x1 White Elephant (30% chance to attach a grenade on melee). The one I was going for, but I wanted a different prefix, but got an electric slide which is obviously trash.

You’ll get same results time wise when killing Graveward, but on top of that you’ll also get Legendary Weapons, Shields, Class mods, loads of eridium, exp for your guardian rank etc. Dont waste your time with this particular boss. Not worth it.

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