Mother of Grogans

Is there a particular side mission that has to be completed first for her to spawn? I read that a bunch of legendaries have moved to the dragons following the 7/23 patch. However, she has a near 0% spawn rate regardless of which character I play. In particular, I with my level 60 zane I’ve entered the area 50 times and have 0 spawns. I thought rare spawns were supposed to spawn 100% of the time now.

I haven’t had to do one but have noticed an odd timer for spawns. Sometimes it is instant others it’s a minute or two after opening the box.

…could be that. It’s rare that I don’t see her. If I walk in and get to the back wall without her coming out, it wasn’t meant to be.

To make her spawn you have to

  • Collect 139,377 brown rocks
  • Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags
  • Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
  • Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
  • Dance, dance, baby

Or just open the chest in the middle of the room

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I’ve been to Mount Schuler–I think it’s in the Meridian Outskirts. The brown rocks have been a struggle though.

I wonder if you have to kill all the grogs in the area right before it. Opening the chest never really does anything for me.

That’s weird. Sometimes she spawn on her own, but 100% when I open the chest. I just did 20 runs to check it and had her spawn every time. I killed the grogs when going there but the other times I just spawned at the save point right before her cave, not killing any grogs. If opening the chest doesn’t spawn her, then I have no idea, it has always worked for me, sorry :frowning_face: