Motherless Board Quest-ions

Some things in this level seem weird, and I can’t tell if there’s something to this or not?

I’ve found six voice records from Pickle: two each of #1, #2, and #3. These usually come in sets of four, so am I missing two #4 records?

I found a cult of the vault symbol somewhere in my first time through the map, and got the challenge (don’t remember where). Later, as I finally figure out how to get to the Corrosion of Dignity guy, I find another vault symbol. It asks to be discovered but the only reaction when I try to “use” it is that it glows a bit.

I can’t get the save point over the platform on the return line from Memory Bank 4 (with the secret chest) to activate.

I’ve run through twelve or so data streams in the map trying to get the Bandwidth Hog challenge (this includes the little vertical ones that transfer you between levels here and there). Do those not count? It seems like there might be some that activate with a yet undiscovered by me side mission that would connect to the big area marked “C” on the map, but I’m guessing.

I have also noticed double echoes on different locations.
For Vault symbols i think its already acknowledged that challenge for that map is bugged.
Corrosion of Dignity guy? Where can you find that guy and who is it, i dunno about it…
Save point above the morq chest is also acknowledged by gbx and will probably be fixed because it bugs out the “Board Jumper” challenge.
For “Bandwidth Hog” challenge, just ride each of the data steams in BOTH ways.

Yeah, where is this Corrosion guy? :smiley:

I’ve only been able to find two of the echoes, I didn’t even know there were another two that I haven’t found.

The Corrosion of Dignity guy becomes available as you progress through the DLC main story missions.

There are side data streams that are closed off but open up as you progress.

When you are finally able to enter these side streams, you will travel halfway through, do some combat, and then have to ride them back.

On the data stream back, press crouch to drop out into a structure you pass through and do some platforming til you reach him.

He is right above where you acquire the Morq shield.

Actually, you dint HAVE to ride them back, the side data streams lead to the entrance to Subconscious.

But you have to backtrack to get to CoD.

Is that the claptrap with a monocle?

Yes, the short sidequest