Motherlessboard vault symbol

Is gliched? In chalenges says 5 vs i have 3 and dont have idea where 2 are i spend 9 hours loking and nothing

I have that 3 but after last update it dont work if you discovered 1 i only ned this challeng for achivment chalenger btw i found 4 vs 1 more

someone found more than 3 vault symbol?

I think there is 5 there now

I know i have now discoverd 4

Ok i give up or someone can say on this map is 5 vault symbol that you can discoverd

Can anyone confirm that they have found more than three? Or is this challenge not coded correctly?

before last update you ned only 1 vault symbol to complite this chaleng now you ned 5 vault symbols i have found 4

For my part, after 15H research the map, I found that 4 vault symbol . Maybe it is a bug as was the case already once on Borderlands 2 in Mine of avarice :sweat_smile:

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Could someone from Gearbox confirm that this challenge is currently bugged? Any confirmation of this on the forums?

oh it’s 5, we just don’t know where they are now.

If you spend 4 days for loking for that 5 symbol then you can say is hard for nom im 99.9 % bug

My english is bad

lol I noticed. open a ticket with GBS and report it, see what happens.

1 more symbol

Kto pije browary ten jest stary :-0

I have looked for the symbols for hours and still only found three.

I can’t for the life of me find the last two that the update says there is.

Is there any way you can screencap the forth for us?

I found two in the middle zone, a Cluster to 99002 0V3L00K and to D1GN1TY -TP . Those in the middle , it’s a sort of a holding beam, and the other above the jump platform to go in the south of the map :blush: