Mothership and Carrier

Multiplayer games start you out with both a mothership and a carrier. I never did ask the question; Why?

I was hosting a game earlier and I decided that I wanted to play Carrier-Only. I saw the option (as I have many times) to start with TWO carriers. I like that. But then I thought why do normal games start you out with two ships? Why not just the Mothership like Homeworld and Homeworld 2?

What if Gearbox took the carrier away from the start and you have to build your own?

Is it not just an attempt to speed the matches up a little ? Perhaps they feel a slower early game build up is somehow detrimental to player retention or maybe something to do with early cross game balance :confused:

More options are always good so including mothership only match options would get a :+1: from me.

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It’s to skip the most boring and never-changing part of the game - setting up any sort of decent economy. With a slow mothership and 6 collectors there is no way for any sort of ‘rush’ strategy to exist. Non-rush builds get longer without any sort of benefit.

Allow Resource Controllers to be built from the beginning. Add 2 or 3 collectors to the start of the match. I would like to work for my carrier. It’s such a strategic tool that we take for granted.

[quote=“jim1, post:2, topic:293495”]
More options are always good so including mothership only match options would get a from me.
[/quote]Hell yeah. I like that idea.

Homeworld 2 multiplayer started you out with a Mothership and Carrier, just like HWR currently does. Homeworld 1 only started you with a Mothership, but you had a build queue for each ship type, instead of only 1 or 2 build queues per mothership.

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I’d sort of ask the opposite.

Besides Vagyr Carriers only having one production module, why doesn’t the game start you with Fighter Production already built?

The only reason I can really figure is that it stops an all-in of just making fighters/bombers at the start. Right now you get 2 extra resource collectors out before fighters/bombers which makes it less all-in-y.
But it’d speed up the game not having to build something that you probably ought to be making anyway, similar to why a free starting carrier got added, along with the whole build queue changing.