Mothership Model - Why does it need both a power adapter and a USB cable?

After ogling the photos on the Amazon HW:CE listing for the umpteenth time, it struck me as strange that GBX included both a power adapter and a USB cable if all the ship will do is light up.

Perhaps I’m beginning a bit of conspiracy theory here, but do you suppose the Mothership model will change/flicker based on gameplay, if it detects you’re playing HW:R?

Just a thought.

Perhaps power adapter needs USB cable…

There’s a port for both a separate power adapter and mini-USB:

Oh, that’s interesting, it can be another port for non-standard power connector (i have no imagination…) or your theory may be true and it will be/look awesome! :smile:

I’ve had a few things that can have power supplied both by USB and a separate power adapter. No use if it’s USB only when you want it on a shelf.

Of course, I have the weirdest recollection that it might actually be a USB drive.

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Ah - makes sense.

You all got it wrong: that’s definitely something suspicious, maybe you can dock some fighters in there???
Individual ones of course ^^

OK no jokes, you can use both so if you haven’t a powered usb on you just plug the external adapter.

The rectangular shaped entity in @concordion2k 's photo is actually the power switch for the Mothership’s lights. Its next to the power cable’s port on the base. The power cable’s other end is in fact USB. :slight_smile:

Well, I certainly feel silly for not recognizing the fact it was a SWITCH.

Thanks, Rika!

Somewhat of a “move along, nothing to see here” moment now :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, thanks for the explanation indeed! (I didn’t recognise this fact either myself from the photos ^^)

I was really oblivious and never noticed that homeworld: remastered had a collectors edition was for sale (or even a thing) till after it was sold out. I was so disappointed. I blame myself for not keeping an eye on it as much as i should, I did know the minute Gbx got the rights to the Homeworld IP though.

But No. I would not fail! I will have the mothership. Kharak will be avenged! The Homeworld will be found. I will salvage those multi-beam frigates… Wait I got off course here.

Order put in for an UK one to be sent to me. I’ll bite that extra money due to GBP difference.

I assume the usb cable is the only thing included, but if it includes a power adapter for the usb, Will it be multinational ac plug, and have the USA adapter? No biggie I guess one way or another, I have plenty of usb adapters, but I was wondering.

Also 2 versions with different ratings. I assume there was no real difference, but I ordered the EU one anyways. If I should switch to the UK one, please let me know :smiley:

Also, My Amazon Prime isn’t effective in the UK, so no free 2day/cheap 1day shipping option, So I assume I won’t even get my code voucher till a week+ later. Estimated Amazon delivery date of 3/3-3/7. The delay is sad, but I can’t afford another 20 GBP upgrade heh.

First post on this forum as well! Glad to be here, and I’m feeling confident on this release! And I can’t wait. Literally. Well…