Mothership Spawning (Banana Blobs Help Request)

I seem to have trouble spawning mothership duplicates from the base mothership. While shipyards hyperspace in, the next biggest nightmare for the Kushan becomes a reality, in that the new motherhsip spawns inside the old, into a double-banana-blob. They can hyperspace apart, but it is more a sore to the eye than the Taiidan toaster ms. Any suggestions?

Another issue occurs with the duplicate. When a ship that utilizes the door spawns, the door won’t open, and the ship passes right through the side of the second mothership.

The MSs are identical in every way? And this only affects the Kushan?

As in using scripting? or building another one?

I copied the ms, renamed it in the file, and then after desired edits to armor and cost, played the game with it in the starting fleet everything works as normal. However, when the new ship is built, it just spawns inside the ms instead of hyperspacing, and the door doesn’t open for it.

Can you post your code?

You mean the .ship file?

Regarding the door not opening, my guess is that you forgot to update the madstate file.

Edit the file and start changing stuff like “KUS_MOTHERSHIP_NIS00_OnSet” to “KUS_MOTHERSHIP_WHATEVER_NIS00_OnSet”.

Mm. I changed every motherhship line to the ship name, so it would be 'kus_shipname_NI…"

I’m stuck here.

How about you upload the new ship’s folder?

Via copy and paste? It says the .ship file won’t upload.

Zip the folder and use DropBox or something.

Isn’t it just about parade formation slot?

Looking further, the ships doesn’t hyperspace in during the beginning of the game, rather is spawned in immediately.

so you have the regular MS, then build/spawn the alternate mothership? Sounds like it might be a dock family issue with the alternate mothership?

Basically, I copied all of the base MS files, and renamed them and allowed the copied ship to be built by changing the build family name for both it an the base ms. It does build, but it does not hyperspace in.

Change NewShipType.DockFamily="Flagship" to NewShipType.DockFamily="Shipyard".

I’ve tried that. Tested again, and it didn’t change anything.

After a bit of a break, I got back to it and figured the spawning issue out. However, I still can’t get the door to open so far for the new ship.

Well but it does sound like what Mikali described. Do you have both MAD and madstate files in? Both renamed and the latter really doublechecked for typos (and maybe even names in all caps)?

Ah, the caps fixed it. Thanks everyone!

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