Motion Sickness?

I’ve been on Xbox live for 15 years and an avid gamer for nearly 40 years and this is the first game I’ve gotten motion sickness from, is anyone else experiencing this? I’m on Xbox One X with a 55” LG 4K if that makes any difference and I’ve got hundreds of hours in BL1 and BL2.


Same TV as yours, on PS4, and no motion sickness thankfully.

The only game I’ve ever had it on was a game called Here they lie, and I’d not wish that feeling on anyone, felt nauseous for hours and gave me a headache to go with it.

Could it be a FOV thing? I’ve noticed I’ve felt a bit funny if I put mine too high in certain games. Kinda dizzy but not sickly.


Most instances of motion sickness that I have had were due to either the refresh rate on the screen (since you’re on a TV, that shouldn’t be the issue), but also input lag. If the lag is obvious, it sucks, you notice it and you don’t get sick, but if it is nearly imperceptible, your brain is expecting to see the game respond a certain way, but it is slightly off, causing a build up stress over time resulting in nausea.

Other folks have been complaining about input lag with BL3, so maybe you’re affected, just not as seriously. Maybe try putting the graphics into performance mode and see if that is any better.

As [diztruxionuk] mentioned too, FOV can mess with you too. Normal settings are 90, but if you adjust that in other games, be sure to adjust it here.


a little bit. but i can manage with a few rest here and there.


I’m having the same problem.

If you haven’t, try increasing the FOV and disable headbob. It seemed to help a bit. Motion blur is another common trigger for motion sickness, but as far as I can tell you can’t disable it on console.

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Same here. I thought it was from not playing BL2 for awhile. I was playing with my two sons on release and the game made me feel slightly queasy too.


Usually some games through me in to a loop. Especially First Person games in general. (Couldn’t ever play Skyrim or Oblivion on it).

Only rollercoasters or VR do that to me otherwise. Never had a problem with cars, and I have great sealegs.

Haven’t had a single problem with BL so far, and I tried going for a few hours straight last night.


Same here. I felt something was off immediately.

Just saying, that it might not just be motion sickness but could be sensory overload and hidden anxiety/ocd triggers. There’s a lot of constant and sometimes repetitive sounds in this game that you may not realize could be causing you to feel ill because your brain is getting sick of them and can’t filter them out. I had to take the headphones off the other day and play silent because I couldn’t handle the combat sounds anymore.

looks like it is just a first time jitters. I don’t get sick anymore.

Ok so for the last week I’ve been feeling like crap, really anxious and having headaches and feeling drowsy and been trying to work out what has been causing it. Even thought yesterday while playing I might need to get my eyes checked but my eyes are fine out of game. Played borderlands 1 and 2 like it’s my religion and never had any issues as well as having a PSVR since it’s launch and never had any issues. Then today I decided to go and do my 1st ever slaughter Shaft attempt …took my bottomless mag Moze in with mainly lazer exploders, after a Couple of rounds I started noticing how crazy it was started to get and how the screen was just littered with fx and stuff. First my eyes started feeling like id been up for way to long even tho I’d only been up for 3-4hours, as I carried on I then start noticing the sickness feeling creeping in like sea sickness and just as I finished round 4 it became to much and I had to stop playing . It was after a long session a week before hand when I first got that feeling and I was also mainly using lazer exploders then aswell…I think the constant movement of these weapons (as I don’t hardly ever have to reload them) that is making it to much for my eyes because on top of how they normally sway about we now have these terror mechanics that makes the aim sway even worse and when you add that on top of the heavy constant effects it becomes too much for me. I will try doing the Slaughter shaft again Another day with no lazer exploders and see if I still get the same reaction. I’m glad I’ve figured out what has been causing me to feel this way but also feel bad that it’s borderlands 3 that’s causing it, been waiting so long for this game. Gonna have a break and stop playing for long periods of time without breaks. Good luck to those having the same problems

Only times I felt nauseous in a game was when I first set up the psvr at the house and kept going from vr to manual and back again to set it up properly…

Or when I go hours on end without having food or drink nearby. It was worst in mmos I used to play where I’d be on an empty stomach but every time I actually remembered I should get something I was engaged in something.

Make sure you stay hydrated and have something to eat if you can be neglectful like myself :slight_smile:

as someone who get motion sick on like a 4th of the games i’d wanna play (as well transportation and VR) BL3 only got me motion sick once and thats bc i was already feeling unwell.

I’ve now got 7 days of playtime through 3 characters and the cranking the FOV slider to 110 and the vehicle to 105 cured the motion sickness. The head bobble was too much. Hell even my wife was like how the hell are you playing this it’s making me sick just watching.