Motion Tree Tier 2 skill battle! Suspension vs. Kinetic Reflection

For someone leveling and without all skill points I’m curious what people think about the Tier 2 skill options. My gut tells me that Kinetic is the better choice (especially for leveling) because it provides both some offensive and defensive bonuses. Suspension seems good but maybe better once you have more skill points. However, I’m not smart so maybe that is wrong! Thoughts?

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Suspension everytime. Letting you either focus or ignore an enemy for longer is great


My vote goes to Suspension.

And here’s why: Kinetic Reflection is a very solid skill, but it has a few drawbacks. First, it’s a kill skill, so one has to get that kill to activate it for a few seconds.

Second, it works for bullets and only bullets. Any non-bullet attacks go right through it, making it useless against most of the lovely Pandoran fauna like skags or stalkers. Same goes for incoming rockets, grenades, axes or bullymong-hurled boulders.

Suspension works whenever one phaselocks something and keeps the effect of Wreck or Elated up for longer. With Sub-Sequence it’s possible to have the effect of Converge and Ruin multiple times during a single Phaselock, which is a considerable boost.

Here is a breakdown of Maya’s skills by Derch:


Suspension, battle not even close.

except for kinetic reflection raid boss kills.


I knew I wasn’t smart! I picked wrong again.

don’t get us wrong kinetic reflection is a good skill, suspension is just better.


And I’m on the other side, I only pick up Suspension when I’m past lvl 70, Kinetic is my friend.

I rarely find a time when I don’t kill a suspended enemy in one pahselock, so extending the tie by a few seconds doesn’t help me, and Converge has already gone off.

I also never use sub-sequence because of the randomness of who gets locked next, which affects my decision.


I’ll often pop one point in KR for the damage reduction and theoretical increased Cloud Kill trigger. It does perform better at lower levels.

Suspension admittedly looks weak on paper. Half a second per point seems pretty stingy but it really makes a big difference to me.