Motivation Check Everyone

(Currahee) #1

So since this forum keep going inactive, I decided to set up a motivation check to make sure everyone is still alive. That also means stop spending time with your family or work or working on mods or getting drunk as an irishman.

Before I start, I wanted to say to you guys that it is very amazing how this community is still together despite being forgotten for a short while. Now since the big day is coming, we might as well bring this community back to life and look to our sharpest in case new people arrived. Do you know how many people out there in the world that wanted Brothers in Arms back? Seriously A LOT.

Ok so for now, all you have to say is “here” or whatever you want to say to make sure you are still alive.

BiA Squad!


(armitom) #2

Still here…Still waiting…Won’t stop…Can’t stop.

(Marcomi X) #3

Motivation is useless.
-we still don’t have any way to edit the models of BiARth30 and EiB.
-We don’t have any certain news about the new BiA Game.
-The HH modding scene is inexistent

(DutchmanJan) #5

Still here. Though I’ve never actually posted anything and i “joined” in 2016, I’ve been around much longer. Just lost my other account long time ago (which didn’t have much posts on it either XD). Someone who was there when they released that E3 demo. Not many games would excite me as much as Brothers in Arms did. So I really hope for a continuation of it :slight_smile:

Despite the lack of info and the long silences between, I’m still thrilled for a possible announcement for a new Brothers in Arms.

In short: I’m a live and with still enough patience to wait :wink:

(Hi!) #6

(rwl2) #8

To this day, since I joined the original forums back when I saw the first information on RtH30, BiA is the only game community I’ve ever gotten involved in. Never regretted it.

At the sake of maybe getting a bit sappy, there is something special about what we have here, and I’m not sure what it is. Something keeps bringing me back to check in – even if it’s once every 6 months.

Anyway, hope everyone’s doing well.

(Ty30000mom) #9


(I ❤️ History) #10

Brand spanking new, but I’ve been “here” since 2005! I love the franchise and look forward to seeing it continue.

(DiBBs) #11

I’m still around-ish.

There’s a big day coming? Am I missing something?

(armitom) #12

Nope you ain’t missing anything other than they have plans for BIA.

E3 2018 is in June, if there is going to be an announcement it would happen there or at Gamescom in August.

(DiBBs) #13

I could see it more so being announce either at gamescon in august or just outside of a conference altogether.

They are most likely going to be showing the new borderlands game this e3.

2019-2020 sounds more reasonable a time frame to me. And who want’s to bet its going to be a reboot?

(Currahee) #14

I doubted anyone wanted it a reboot. Why can’t it be like a remaster or something and put it in the newer console?

(DiBBs) #15

I agree but from a business perspective it doesn’t seem smart put out the 4th game of a series that has aged over 12 years from the original game.

It would make more sense to redo the story for a fresh generation of gamers than to cater to the few remaining still interested in the franchise having played them from the beginning.

I’m not sure what they’re going to do but I have to say it does make more sense.

I could even imagine them wanting to make it episodic (even though that trend is relatively extinct).

(LeYuno) #16

To be honest… I’d love to see another D-Day paratrooper inspired BIA, just to be able to make new single player missions in that environment! I love anything in a Normandy setting, the landing on the beaches and the breakout of the armies into France.

There’s always the second landing in the South of France, near Draguignan, which tends to be forgotten. That’s what the entire lost battalion mod was supposed to be about. If only the game’s community didn’t die as quickly as it did…