Mouse buttons inter. non-responsive

It’s been a couple years since I played, but I’ve had an annoying thing that intermittently occurs in my recently reinstalled GOTY : non-responsive mouse buttons.

Not lag, no movement issues, no other issues like f/r ; just no button inputs that may last 1-4 seconds. This includes left and right of course, but also my remapped thumb buttons (4&5 that I use for melee and grenade).

Anything I’ve come across so far has to do with scrolling and I’m not about to make ini changes for the wrong fix.

Anyone has/had this?

…like your inputs just go dead for a few seconds? I take it you don’t see this in your normal Windows navigation?

Exactly. Shoot, aim, stab, grenade all good 90% of the time. Then none of those for a few seconds. Again, mouse movement is normal.

It doesn’t occur out of game nor does it occur in other games (ok, I uninstalled most but did test it in TPS).

One thing I neglected to test was re-remapping melee and grenade back to keyboard.

Eww… Never heard of that before. Sorry man.