Mouse click to switch equipped weapon not working

I haven’t played in a month or two, but when I started this week, I noticed problems swapping things from my backpack into my equipped slots with my mouse.

Hovering over and tapping the ENTER key works fine to activate the switch. However, clicking once on an item on the left side and clicking once on an item in my backpack on the right side only works 1/10 times.

When it doesn’t work, the backpack instantly scrolls back to the top of the list and the swap does not happen. No sound effects or anything.

New bug? Possibly a logitech mouse debouncing issue? I know Logi just released a couple software updates…

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Same here, just using keyboard.

Yeah, it’s really annoying.

I noticed that in my case it happens if player’s/weapon’s animation (weapon changing, lifting, reloading…) hasn’t finished yet. If I then close the inventory and wait for the animation to finish, everything goes fine.

Those incomplete animations also prevent the Fast Travel function from working. Bit of a pain, really.