Mouse cursor still appears in fullscreen mode & can lose focus if mouse clicks outside fullscreen

So I just got back into BL2. I’m playing the EGS version because it’s the version I got with all the DLC included. I play with 2 monitors, using the left one as my primary and the other one with Twitch, Spotify, etc. So when I boot in fullscreen, the cursor can appear off screen if I move my mouse far enough to the right into the secondary monitor then disappear when I stop moving in game. This leads to plenty of “missclicks” on the secondary monitor in the middle of firefights causing the BL2 window to minimize. Is there any fix for this or am I SOL?

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I think it may be a EGS issue, I get it in BL3 and one other not related game. [won’t be named because not gearbox related in any way]

My bet is wait it out.

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Just hopped into a game & it looks like the issue resolved itself!

awesome! seems to be fixed on my end too. :slight_smile: