Mouse input issues

I’ve seen this problem mentioned by a few people scattered about. I’m making this thread in the hopes of centralizing the discussion on this particular issue.

Some of us are experiencing strange mouse behaviors that inhibit us from making the commands we want to make.

In my case these are the main problems I am having:
-Holding right click to rotate the camera does not lock the cursor in place, leaving me vulnerable to having the camera start panning when I let go as the cursor reappears on the edge of the screen.
-The mouse buttons sometimes stick, causing me to be dragging a box, or rotating/panning the camera around, even though my fingers aren’t depressing any of the mouse buttons.

My system specs:
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i7-3770 @3.4Ghz
Sapphire Radeon 290X 4GB

I was using the Catalyst 15.7 drivers and updated to the latest 16.1 hotfix with no luck.

There’s a config.ini file in the DoK folder with a commented out ‘debug.mouseconstraint=false’ line. Uncommenting that didn’t help either.

There’s also some strange things happening in the menus which may or may not be related. When using any of the dropdown boxes they seem to act as though the up arrow key is being held down, constantly scrolling the selection up to the top item. Moving the mouse over the other items will briefly highlight them, only for the selection to continue scrolling up. Clicking the mouse button on the no longer highlighted item will select it properly though. Anybody else experiencing this? If you are, are you or are you not also having the in-game mouse issues?

Hopefully there’s someone who can shed some more light on this. I don’t want to play the game any more until this gets fixed.

While the first problem seems to be a design oversight, I have been seeing the second issue quite often while I’m spinning the camera. At first I thought it was my mouse but it looks like it might be a bug…

I too am experiencing all of these issues, I’m also experiencing an issue where issuing orders via keyboard shortcuts will sometimes deselect the current unit.

While not ultimately game breaking it does detract from an otherwise very elegant interface design!

I hope a solution is available soon.

CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1090 T 3.2 GHz | Mobo ASUS M4N98TD EVO | RAM 8GB | GPU STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5 (3840x2160) | PSU Enermax MODU 82+ | OS Win 7 64-bit | Monitor: Samsung U28D590D (4K)

Experiencing the same issues and it’s driving me absolutely crazy!

I’ll left click to select a group of units then hold right click to rotate the camera and sometimes the ‘right click hold’ will be interpreted as a move command. It’s almost as if it doesn’t detect the cue to initiate the camera rotation quick enough. While doing this sometimes I’ll also end up with a drag box or my mouse will disappear all together until I left click again.

Was a very ugly experience in my first minute of gameplay.

I hope this issue can be acknowledged and resolved quickly.

i5 750 @ 3.6Ghz
ATI Radeon 5870
Windows 10

I believe this is fixed (left clicks being issued when rotating camera, cursor disappearing, and selection boxes coming out of nowhere)!

I unplugged every other device I had connected (throttles, flight peddles, flight stick) and am no longer experiencing the issue. Strange but it looks like the extra input devices were causing some mouse problems.

Hope this helps others…

The whole reason I’ve come on this forum is because of this. At first I thought it was a problem with my camera controls because I had instances where I was fighting with the camera zooming off… then I thought it was my keyboard so I took the batteries out but it still happened. Then I did the same with my mouse… NOTHING WORKED.

Then I just went into the settings of the game and accidentally clicked on the global settings drop down menu and it automatically scrolled up to ultra. I clicked another global setting and immediately it went back up to ultra. Held down the down arrow on my keyboard and it goes up and down a couple of times then down to the bottom of the menu but as soon as I release it the selection returns to ultra.

This is definitely a bug AND it is most likely the cause of the camera zooming off the selected units ingame which is why I raged on Reddit about the poor camera (before I realised it was a bug).

I’d tried unplugging my gaming devices… and it still it had problems… then I remembered the wireless micro receiver I have plugged into the front of my PC for my Spacemouse Pro Wireless controller… and rebooted DoK and blow me down BUT IT WORKS PROPERLY.

At least the devs should be able to replicate this bug now.

EDIT: ARRGGGHH… I’ve not plugged anything back in and the damnded bug is back. All that is plugged into my PC now is my mouse and keyboard and still getting these anomalous inputs.

Guess this game is shelved for me until Gearbox fixes it.

This sadly hasn’t worked for me.

Being a flight & racing simmer myself, this is the first thing I tried, HOTAS, MFDs, Peddals and Race wheel have had no effect.

Tell me about it… I have Hotas Warthog and a limited edition set of all metal Slaw Device F16 pedals, Saitek yoke and throttle quadrants (shame their stuff is so plastic). I like me flight simming… so having to remove everything just to try do a workaround and then have it work for about 10 minutes is such a swing of emotions… depressed, excited and then depressed again. But hey, that’s Unity for you. At least KSP works right (and yeah, that’s Unity too). Oh and it works with all my stuff plugged in AND uses it (including my 6-DOF Space Mouse Pro).

here, corrected for you
(I don’t remember seeing this problem posted on the BBI forums, I think you should post it there, where the devs will see it more easily. Remember that Gearbox is only the publisher here :wink: )

Is this affecting all people who have flight equipment or just a coincidence?

I’ve posted (on the BBI proper forums… thanks Dwarfinator) a copy of mrguytodd’s original post plus a link back to this thread for reference.

Link to the BBI Forum post regarding keyboard/mouse issues

Maybe they will see it and fix it now.

Ok there was a patch yesterday and this issue still exists! I brought this game on release and im still unable to play it unless i unplug all my racing/flight sim stuff. Why is it taking so long for them to disable any HIDs bar Keyboard and Mouse? >.<

I am having exactly the second issue and seems that it hasn’t been fixed yet (game version v1.03).