Mouse menu problem, cant click

Just installed it on steam and I have a problem in the menu. I cant click anything because the mouse cant reach the right menu since it gets blocked horizontally at half o the screen.

Drivers of my graphics card are the latest at this time.

Windows 7 x64
intel i5 4570
nNvidia GTX 650

I was excited to play this game again but this first problem and all these topics of bugs and basic requests (mouse sensivity) disappoint me…

I’m hitting somewhat of the same problem. I found it is a resolution issue. I dropped my resolution a tad and was able to work around the screen cutoff for the mouse, but at a lower resolution which was a bit of a downer.

Here is my DXDiag.

Heya guys - give this a look…

Issues using a mouse in Homeworld Remastered

That fixed the issue for me. Thank you!

Thanks, it worked.

Should I create a new post to suggest a master volume icon? For people that uses usb headphones is a pain having to set all to min or being playing with these. And also the intro cinematic of the first mission (probably all cinematics) doesnt obey the sound volume and its very loud for me.

BTW I expected that HW1 fighters and corvetes were in groups like HW2 :frowning:

I play in 1920x1080 and all the icons in screen are pretty small. They should be increased a bit. Also the selection interface is very uncomfortable, it doesnt help me very well in knowing which ship are damaged since I have to click on groups and are small that I cant say at first sight if its a corvete or a fighter or how many of them there are.

HW1 using HW2 style seems pretty forced. No subsystem usage or fighters/corvette groups.

Edit: I added an screenshot. As you can see the numbers of the groups and icons in general are extremely tiny.

Also the “salvage” option in salvage corvettes is missing (i think it was Z in old games). It is in the right click menu but shadowed. This will make difficult making a group of corvettes capture a group of enemy ships since

And another one… There is no “resources collected” after ending a mission. That was a huge improvement in HW2.

Note: resolution in the screenshot is lower than in actual game, dont know why.