Mouse sensitivity lower limit

I dont know about you guys, but personal having the sensitivity at 1 (lowest) is till to high. Any change of increaseing the range of sensitivities? @Jythri

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You could try to lower the mouse speed in windows. Or if you have a gaming mouse you can usualy do it in the software that comes with most mouses. I had the same issue, but adjusting it outside of the game did help.

Good luck.

can drop the dpi but than it becomes annoying in menus etc

True, the menu mouse speed was different from the actual gameplay.
Lets wait and see if this was a beta thing. Personaly I think it is, because borderlands didnt have this issue as far as I recall.

how is your soo 1 high? on my lowest settings I need to rake my mouse over my desk like 4 times just to get it over my first monitor. sounds to me like you need to adjust your mouse through your computer first.

800 dpi mouse

I’ll pass a note to our team to investigate using higher dpi mouse. Good suggestion.

Legend, cheers :slight_smile:

Hey, would you mind sharing what brand and model of mouse you have? That might be helpful.

thermaltek black, it has a 400dpi sence but like I said, it gets annoying in menu. I play with a pretty low sense, like 30cm fora 360 :slight_smile: