Mouse speed? Cant find the option

I use a trackball, when upping the game to 4k resolution, my trackball doesn’t scale. Im trying to raise mouse sensitivity so I can play without having to keep rolling it, where is the mouse speed option? Im not able to find it.

also, Ive maxed out mousespeed on windows hoping it would apply in game, it does not.

Same for me. I use a 1080p monitor so it’s not buggering me, but I want more sensibility. Is it something hidden?

I too have this issue when I play on my 4K panel @ 4K res.
Issue with slow mouse goes away soon as its lowered

It seems I found out the culprit behind my mouse issue.
Nvidia pushed a new SLI profile for this game which is causing massive input lag.
Soon as I disable SLI and run off one GPU @ 4K its back at normal operation.