Mouse works in menu but not in game

Sooo … I played to level 50 … beat the Maliwan raid … and called it a night. Next morning, I load up the game and ALL OF MY CHARACTERS ARE GONE!!!

So … I create a new character. Can’t look around. Mouse does not work at all. Press [ESC] to get to the pause menu and the mouse moves the cursor around JUST FINE!

I disabled controller … nothing. I reset the options … nothing. I uninstalled and re-installed the game … NOTHING!!!


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Same issue here.
All fine after until BL3 patch (11.06.2020) installed.
Mouse movement works fine in manu, but in game only mouse-buttons work (no look around).

Same Problem here. I disabled all overlays, checked the mouse sensitivity. The Problem still stands. Any Ideas?

Solved (but I have changed nothing).
Just logged in by today and it magically works back OK.
…the hell knows why