Move the Supply Station on Monuments

Can’t be the only one that thinks that the supply station on monuments is way too far back in base? You may as well teleport back.

It’s the only map that does this. I suggest moving it to the other side of the small wall across from where the first sentry is. Near the stinger turret.



I can understand this completely, and good suggestion. I kinda like team wiping low health squishies though with a single ult haha

Map design, i felt the same the first day of monument.

Exhelon: you dont need a healer if control middle
Overgrow: need money to keep the turret up
Monument: you need a healer (building gear is quite usless)

Yeah I’ll vote for that. :heavy_check_mark:

Why not addapt to the map…? Instead of change it?
If your team lacks a healer, play a healer… 90% of time i play healers mosty because ppl dont like supports even tho we have KU “OP stun”

I can fix that ez pz.

Step 1: equip regen gear (white/blue).



Yeah I agree. I’ve almost never have used that thing, even when pushed all the way back to the 2nd Sentry. I usually just teleport back.

I’d like it if it was near the Fat Bot thing OR right at the top of the stairs behind the fat bot thingy.

Kinda shocked about the majority of comments so far… A fair amount of the building placement on monuments is just really bad(like the stinger turet behind the sentry next to the fat bot. Who the f*** is that for anyway?) I would very much like a rehaul of monuments buildables


That is for when you push your enemy back to their 2nd Sentry and you want to keep them there.

I know, it’s horrible. A turret on your side of the map benefits your enemy WHEN YOU’RE LOSING more than it does you.

That turret behind the sentry helps with minions and helps with ppl in the sniper perch.

The other one helps to protect from back dooring, is usless by its own but helps to keep pushing the enemy away.

It needs to be a thumper. I really don’t understand why it’s not. There should be at least one major defensive building per sentry.

And that shock turret between the first and second sentry is garbage too. I like how monuments is laid out but the building placement… That’s one of the reasons I que overgrowth for incursion

The turet closest to the thrall does more imo than the turret next to the fat bot. I have never really seen it manage the minions very well especially considering the minion buff. I actually think that they should cheapen stingers a bit since they honestly do not feel like they are worth the shards you spend for them

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Monument is less buildable focused… Thats why i like it :confused:
In a fght 3vs5 we managed to keep them away and dmg their sentry for a glorious draw-win by score.

Im sure this would be imposible in overgross thx to.middle turret, if you dont time a fat minion a Shepard and middle turret destroy, you cant push.

In echelon is worst thx to middle healing station, the can retreat for a small heal and comeback. And those acelerators makes a dive near imposible…

Monument is my fav so far <3

It’s not just “less buildables focused” but it being damn near immaterial if you choose to build.

I agree that the shock turret is too important on overgrowth but the rest of the building placement is good.

Echelon as a map is straight broken anyway even without the healing station underneath the bridge. You hold the major choke at the stairs and you are basically guaranteed a sentry kill. That is also another example of a map with bad building placement.

Your match on monuments with a 3v5… Was your 3 orendi ghalt and shayne? If so I was the rath you guys kept destroying.

Yeah, that thumper behind the sentry in a small ass corner :sweat:
Whose in charge of buildable placement in this game?
Make them brew coffee or something instead I don’t think this is their calling.

I love you <3 u left me with 6 hp when galth save me from your ult.

I just gave up and droped the Controller for a second lol!

And there are probably a few small tweaks that could make the placements waaaaaaay better. It honestly feels like they gave up on trying to improve echelon… Hate that map…

That choke point needs to change, desperately. And the sight line to the second sentry from the first ones choke… Ugh.
That map makes me groan. I’m glad it’s the least popular one.

tip: dont let your team get more than 1 meele or is going to be hard to push…

Run to midd and buy the station to keep the push going, many forget to buy your first and second acelerator

God don’t tell me that… I tried so hard to kill you since you were one of the only legit targets I could go after. I dreadwinded like 4 times total in that match…

Anyway I was just making sure it was that match. I personally think they outcome would have been the same on either map. It’s honestly more so an example of 3 decent players with 1 potato player and an afk can deal with a team with a competent player and 4 potatos(seriously I don’t remember getting healed like at all and you guys were almost always full health)

I have had a 3v5 match where we dominated the other team in score. I will admit it’s quite the exhilarating feeling and quite fun