Move the Supply Station on Monuments

Hahahahahajhajs after each of our love Encounter i had to teleport back. Im glad you didnt go with stuning rath or the story would be diff.

In overgrow you would be the gardian Dog protecting the damn shock turret… Orendi gets melted by it and galth dmg is low if is not close… Every atempt to destroy it would be a death trap for shane… Even if we managed to destroy it we wouldnt be able to protect it for 5 seconds before Ernest destroyed it again.

Your team wasnt bad… Orendi tried to ult me all the time, reason why i spent more time teleporting than hunting.

You still had a thorn. Even a lower level player could catch on to the dangers of a shock turret. Your remaining team though completely outclassed mine. Pull into pull into slow from ghalt and shaynes woulda been enough. That was how I kept dying. On overgrowth you would have been turtling fer sho but all you needed was an opportune late play. I knew about 15 min into the game the only chance we had was our kid ultra. And he never took the bola stun at 9 from what I remember.

That matches just annoyed me as a whole. Pretty much every aspect of it

Both chokes on echelon allow you to cheese the sentry too. At least the second sentry will fire at you a little bit…

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He got bolas stun, but i made sure to not stay close to you or your team when i saw KU put his left arm up

I feel like that doesn’t really help the my team was fine argument. Anyway it probably doesn’t do any good talking about that match. I will say that you guys played a helluva game. Was fun to play with you and drool afterwards.

Next time lets play in the same side :wink: we wont need buildables in monument

Word word… It’s not about needing them persay but the fact that they exist but are just incredibly impractical and not worth the shards imo. I suppose part of my annoyance comes from my caldy loadout. He is great on monuments but I have a builder loadout for him so I run out of stuff to do pretty quick

I’d love for the buildables to be tweaked or even you can pay more shards to change a turret type. Echelon makes melee defunct when you can just shoot the sentry without really engaging it. You should have to have some threat to taking it down not just fire at it from a safe spot. I think if you made the attackers go uphill to the sentry instead of downhill it would make it better. The sentry should be less pokeable too.

21 or 14 points of regen vs 64 points of regen… I don’t agree with your logic.

Being mobile or being stationary - I don’t agree with your logic too.

These days (with some hp regen), you can still be on the battlefield (while covering) and heal yourself in a minute (if you are not playing a tank char or if you don’t have a single healer around you) and you don’t need to waste your time going back to the healing stations near your base (and sit there for ~10-20 sec (if the station is at least lvl 2)), or teleport (waste +5 seconds) to your base and waste another ~30 seconds walking back to where the action is.

So, you can either still be on the battlefield and do stuff or go back and “waste” half a minute by doing “nothing”. Of course, sometimes it’s just better to teleport back and get a full-instant heal, but from my experience it’s not so important as it was a month ago (I’m not talking about those situations when you teleport back to the base to collect big shards on the way back or to construct elite bots and things like that. I’m just talking about the healing aspect of the game).

Your experiences might be different, so I will agree to disagree ^^