Move while fighting, mission scripting, sort of fixed but still improvable maybe

This call goes out to anyone on the forum who has built missions. I’m trying to get a certain behavior that seems very simple but I can’t make happen. I want a ship to…

  1. Move towards a distant point
  2. Shoot at targets of opportunity
  3. Not stop moving

Seems like a no-brainer, and I could swear that I’ve seen it happen in missions, but it might only be if the ship is under full AI control?

SobGroup_Move doesn’t fight. Weapons when presented with targets they could engage will track them, and yes I have shoot at secondaries and shoot at surroundings flagged on .
SobGroup_FollowPath either doesn’t fight, or stops to fight, depending on the attackmove flag.
I tried making a sobgroup including the nearby attackers and a distant, higher priority target and making my subject attack that group, but this resulted in the subject moving towards the target and again tracking but not engaging the nearby attackers.

Stance and ROE do not change these behaviors.

My only remaining ideas are untennably hacky, so if anyone has any good tricks to address this I’d love to hear them.

EDIT: As so often happens, I beat my head against this for many hours over multiple attempts, and right after making a thread I have an idea that works.

If you let the ship get in a fight, such as with an path attack move, and only after the fighting starts give it another move order to the original destination, it’ll move-while-attacking. So basically HW2 capship micro in code form. If anyone has alternative solutions, I’d love to hear about them