Movement idea for Deande

If you don’t want to increase her base movement speed then would you please consider increasing Deande’s movement speed while in stealth? It would definitely coincide with her talent, and it doesn’t make sense that an infinite stealth Pendles gets a dramatic increase in movement speed while deande is still a slug in heels. Beast of momentum is useless when many are faster than her, and it’s not better helix choice than RogueLike or SilentStrike.


Beast of Momentum is IMO a PVE helix lol. Not really useful

Exactly, and on top of that, all other stealth characters have higher stealth movement speeds than her Including Shayne if I’m right.

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Shayne’s passive does that. Oscar Mike has the option too

Am I the only one who thinks she if fine as is?

She is fine as is, she’s just the slowest character in the game. For no apparent reason. As an agile character. When I’m in stealth, I can’t even attack a few times as they back pedal and I awkwardly can’t keep up while running. And they don’t realize I’m there, they’re just generally moving backwards, but I’m too slow

I just always take the left skill at lvl 1 and don’t have any problems. I guess I am just used to it

Look there! A Deande thread! I have come to offer my assistance in this time of great need.

Okay so as we have already established deande charges into combat at the speed of a sluggish wombat with a malignant brain tumor, relatively. It’s a hindrance at times yes. Is it an issue? i really don’t think so.

her slow movement speed is just another quirk you have to overcome on your road to true mastery of the character. You must place yourself in situations where you can escape, and by god you can escape almost like no other. i would put holotwin up there as top tire for escape skills, maybe even better than liftoff. Somewhere in the top three. (maybe I’m just biased)

Anyway, that is not her only escape. In the words of Lothar Rendain himself, “the most frequent of victors often have two fail safes”. Obviously Deande took note and decided to adopt a drop kick in addition to her holotwin. And i’m not going to go into detail on the drop kick unless asked because that would make this a long a$$ post.

Additionally, whoever designed the helix tree gave us not one but two movement speed augments. As mentioned above, we have Beast of momentum as well as Escape plan.

beast of momentum: in PVE its a solid choice because you can kill things fast enough so that you always have it proced. In PVP however it is vastly out shined by silent strike. The difference is that enemy battleborn tend to run away like a bunch of little b!tches in the face of low health and a superior and godlike player bearing down on them. You need to lock them down with the slow if you can’t execute with burst dash or blink storm or your fans. And no I really don’t think relying on thrown war fans to finish the job is a good idea unless you have aimbot, are an aimbot, or are stacking attack speed and have all your gear proced.

Escape plan: this is a solid choice in either PVP or PVE. It basically does what you wanted above, giving Deande movment speed upon activation of holotwin. in comparison to the others it bears about the same usefulness depending on what you are trying to do. Making a pure assassin build based on burst dash to get those one hit kills? take burst brawler. Want a CC build to lock down those pesky little nooblets? take Ire’s echo. Going for just a basic attack speed/ attack damage stacking build or a Shardsteal backdoor build? Take escape plan. it will help close the gap between you and the enemies, especially when meleeing them from behind as they run. Additionally, if you just take silent strike and use ground zeros you will have an extremely consistent slow that you wont need ire’s echo for, or burst brawler, assuming you aren’t stacking skill damage.

Another part that really plays into Deande’s movement speed “issue” is positioning. i’m not going to go to in depth because i have guide ideas, but the general gist of it is to set yourself up in positions where you wont have to escape, and that your target can’t. This is a really simple concept on the face, ill give you that (no i’m not insulting anyone’s intelligence), and while useful for every single character in the game it is more so for deande because if you are playing against good people she relies on skills and you wont always have them. Additionally, positioning with Deande can be used to a greater extent when you learn what the holoclone will do when you spawn it.

i.e. make the clone chase a weak enemy and then cut him off, boxing him in between you and the clone. but that’s just one example.

Lastly, we have movement speed and sprint speed gear. In general I never use these, unless they are called the boots of the brute and i’m going CC build. I guess in theory the could be okay. I mean, the difference of movement speed between her and, say, Rath can’t be more than ten percent. i doubt it’s that high but I haven’t really tested it or played with it at all. (it’s on the to do list, gosh. i’m working on it i told you Kevin. Go bug someone else you little scrub.)

I hove my short response helps with something. A lot of it is opinion though. i mean if you like stacking movement speed go right ahead.

But on the whole i think they can leave the Deande movement speed. learn to get around it. She isn’t an advanced character for no reason after all.


Welp I forgot about escape plan. Ignore everything is said. I’m just too burst Dash focused. Sorry to everyone.
And your post is completely correct. I love taking someone down half way, Holotwinning behind as it distracts, then burst Dash as they flee for the kill

That’s a solid reply. I’ll never go for sprint speed and movement over damage and attack speed on her though lol. I really wish her “talent” wasn’t bogged down by her fat assets, but I guess I’ll just have to wait till level 6 to get real movement speed.

I really didn’t think anybody would. Both sprint speed and moment speed are kinda useless to have no gear in general. The sad thing is that since the gear is percentage based it’s the already fast characters that benefit the most from it.

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I was completely unaware of that -__-

IMO still kinda useless even on fast characters.

just for example:

lets say OM has a movement speed of 100 (bricks? igloos? razor blades? lollipops? Imma go with lollipops because at the end of the day its all just numbers to a computer)

Current movement speed gear maxes out at at +5.6%. That said, 100 x 1.056 = OM moving at a rate of 105.6 lollipops.

Thorn moves at 105 lollipops. 105 x 1.056 = 110.88 lollipops.

Deande moves at 95 lollipops. 95 x 1.056 = 100.32 lolipops.

the difference in increase between thorn and Deande is 0.56 lollipops. So yes it is more, but its not enough more. I mean, when are those 1 or 2 lollipops between final sprint speeds going to come into play? maybe once in a blue moon? maybe never? that’s probably more like it.

But I just want to state I don’t know how the code works in game. That example was just my logical mind putting math to a problem. However i can’t really see them using some formula that’s too drastically different. well, aside from the units at least.

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It should be a passive. Remove the helix and make an entirely new one.


I’ve never agreed more. IMO the movement speeds of Pendles and Deande should be swapped while in stealth since he’s always in stealth and she’s only in it for like 7 secs.

What rly bugs me is her meele reach + her slow butt = everyone walking backwards while hiting/shoting and if you try to sprint they can bitch slap you away.

I know deande is all about timing, skill and predict your target but for god sake if i used hollowtiwn and burst dash to leave rath with 100 hp, he can bitch slap me, knock me up and run! I wont have hollowtiwn to chase and if i dont use it to engage is a waste of dmg.

God deande is so hard sometimes! Specially against ppl who actually know how to use her. Is so sad when i have to face a deande :frowning: she cant get close.


hashtag Buff Deande

Her element of surprise is getting extended. That should be enough to increas her dmg and finish targets faster.

Probably is enough to compensate her reach and speed. 6 seconds of huge dmg can melt almost anyone. Rath wont be able to face deande so easly.

Great buffs but they keep buffing her in the wrong ways. Beyond frustrating. [quote=“dantesolar, post:18, topic:1547702”]
6 seconds

I thought it was going to be increased from 3 to 5.

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I agree and appreciate it all. I just don’t want Deande to feel like such an uphill battle. Movement speed, acute hitboxes (against Rath and Galileas), bogus projectile speed with vertically acute hitboxes (can never get that last hit most of the time). sigh.

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