Movement inertia and auto-movement?

Haven’ found any topic about this, but am I the only one having an odd feeling with the gameplay ?
I mean while in motion, moving in any direction, even while aiming, i have that strange feeling that there is an inertia that wasn’t there on BL2
I’m playing on PS4, so I don’ know about other version of the game (PC or XBOX)
But i was on BL2 yesterday, so i can tell there is a real difference between the two
What do you think ?
Is there a way to configure the game the same kind of feeling as BL2, or maybe less inertia…

Also sometimes, the character were moving slowly by himself, don’t know if it’s related.


The game is dropped from 60 to 30 fps on PS4 and XB1 non-4K models, so that may be part of it. Otherwise: since you mentioned character motion drift, maybe your left stick is acting up a bit? If the character is moving slowly at centre-stick, then when you’re trying to actually move you’re also countering that motion. Maybe see if it does the same things in other games?

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same here on ps4. have made myself just get used to it and keep control finer on the thumbsticks.
at first i could barely hit a target whilst shooting but am ok now after about 8 hours lol. read a few folks on reddit i think who said the same thing.

still havent managed that parkour move onto the very narrow thing as when i make the jump and mantle i just carry on forward and fall off the edge.


Did you try adjusting the look sensitivity in the game controls? I noticed when I first signed in that the default values were pretty low, so the first thing I did was bump them even before starting a character. If you didn’t look, might want to try that. I don’t know if that would help with the mantling or not, but it should help with the sense of movement speed.

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I checked the sensitivity, tried lowest, and the character were moving on his own, not a controller issue (i have 3 controller and tried each one), then tried the highest for each sticks and settings, no auto-move, but the feeling was the same, some kind of odd motion inertia, and so the parkour thing is kinda hard due to that.
Since it’s day one, maybe it will be patch up later.
Thanks for your answers though!

It’s not just console. I felt this IMMEDIATELY on pc. The first thing I said to myself was “the movement feels nothing like Borderlands 2.” It feels almost like you’re moving on ice at times. It’s taking some getting used to, but enough time playing and you start to not notice it anymore.


Yes, I just played Borderlands 2 on PS4 Pro and continued to Borderlands 3 and the movement inertia is really not cool. I wonder why does the movement differ so much between B2 and B3? And could there be a way to configure the movement same as in B2? It so seems nobody yet has found a way to get rid of the inertia? So we just have to get used to it… since this should be a configuration issue, could someone at Gearbox get this and fix the configuration issue so we can get back the good movement settings from B2? It kind of ruins the excitement and joy of the new B3, when you can not hit targets and need to adjust to this inertia thing…:frowning:

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Setting the Axial Deadzone to 0 fixed it for me.

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Also, unusually, BL3 allows inner and outer deadzones to be set for both sticks. Backing the drifting sticks inner deadzone up (moving the slider to the right) can help if either of your sticks do show a tendency to drift.

My newish DS4 left stick drifted just a tiny bit on the G/box default but not on any other game. Easy fix. Can’t help re the motion thing you mention. It does make parkour harder I agree but am enjoying the extra responsiveness in movement myself. I just need some more time with it I think.

Oops, sorry. Very old post.