Movement speed Bolder is ridiculous

Just went up against a Bolder on Incursion who spent the first 5 minutes collecting shards just to build his legendary sprint speed item, a pair of epic movement boots, and a legendary cc helm. Wearing the blue and red skin, he looked like Sonic the Hedgehog. He could sprint from their sentry in Overgrowth to ours in roughly 3 seconds, and I’m not exaggerating.

It didn’t take long for him to start picking up kills, and it wasn’t due to us having a shortage of hard cc or good players, we were a pub group but we were working well together, but all he’d do is dash us against a wall, wail on us, and if we tried to escape he could walk as fast as we could sprint so there was no escape. If you managed to get some distance away, he’d throw his axe to slow you then he’d be on you immediately.

He fought 3 of us next to our sentry and killed our marquis he chased in there, got me (WF) very low, and then when his health hit critical levels, he dashed to get the overshield and Speedy Gonzalez’d the **** outta there.

I’m just wondering, is this something that is considered “OP”? At the end of the game he was 28-5 solely because of what I described and because he simply moved so fast it was incredibly hard to land hits on him. I saw our Gal fight him and he was running circles around her while fighting, it looked like something out of the Flash series. If she was lucky enough to land her stun and us put considerable dmg on him- shield up and he backs away at the speed of anyone else sprinting. This sprint speed of his was hilarious at first, but soon became horrific.

Should there be a cap on certain stats like movement speed? Or do you just have to accept defeat in this situation?


Movement speed in abundance on any character that can utilize it is insane. Try it on Oscar Mike.

I use:
Sprint Speed/Sprint Speed
Movement Speed/Movement Speed
Cooldown Time/Sprint Speed

All are maxed stats, activate while all skills are on Cooldown, and subtract heal power. With Mike’s Movement speed bonus and movement speed while invisible, it’s impossible to kill him. Slow makes you move at normal speed, and you can get up to 65% movement speed bonus under the right conditions.

I think I fought the very same person. It was pretty ridiculous, he would run into our base and steal the giant shard and the sentry wouldn’t target him at all. I would buy the accelerators to slow him down (we were on Echelon) and even that didn’t slow him down long enough to make a difference he was just incredibly fast. That why I’m pretty shocked that he hasn’t been nerfed in someway but buffed slightly today with his health regen being brought up which seems unnecessary as the dwarf can basically heal himself when he hits level 5. His speed needs to be addressed in my mind, they reduced Miko’s speed increase from 30% to 15% think the same should be done to Boldur.

Would really like a video of this. Sounds hilarious.


Same. The adventures of Turbo Dwarf sound entertaining. Being able to soak up damage like Boldur and then have the mobility to ignore sentry attention completely seems a bit off.

That sounds… Amazing… I can’t boldur worth a damn and really REALLY want to be competent playing him cause he brings stupid capabilities to the team. Perhaps I should try this style,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,0,-1,-1,

Level’s 1-5 and maybe 8 are his key skills for this build and make him fast (The rest I put are arbitrary) and the axe tossed enemies slow.
Gear investment is up to you but MS may be too excessive to build since his helixes provide way more then enough but a Sprint gear price is nice, This isn’t a serious build but it’s pretty fun but asa reminder it’s best to paly fist boldur around MS and axe throw.

ikr XD