Movement Speed focused El Dragon. Give it a try, its hilariously fun

Basically get three gear pieces that increase either movement speed or sprint speed, then buy them all asap.

Then choose to get the Level 5 helix upgrade Welterweight, which causes each of his passive stacks give you additional movement speed.

Then just sprint everywhere and be a nuisance. Literally assassinate squishies like Marq, then sprint away at high speed. Its like playing as Caldarius, if he was designed to be melee, lol.


Wonder if Caldarius can handle all that speed…

I wanted to make that work, but I believe he only gets helix upgrades that make you choose between 9% extra sprint speed or a short Movement speed bonus after activating skills. I couldn’t make him feel consistently fast, not to mention he’s squishy.

El Dragon on the other hand can be consistently fast and he isn’t squishy. He’s fairly tanky, but can do tons of damage on the spot. Especially dragon splashing after having it empowered so it does its stun, then kill who ever you stunned and run away at the speed of light. Literally no one else will match your speed lol.

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I’ve thought about going for high movement speed, but stacking attack speed and skill damage, with a little bit of attack damage and movement speed is working fine for me. I’m curious to see a full movement speed Caldarius though. Two rogue purples + blue boots should do the trick.