Movement Speed On Benedict

As long as I’ve played Benedict and BB I don’t fully understand movement speed. In this case, I’m wondering specifically if movement speed helps his jumping/strafing? Cause I love to left/right strafe with the double and triple jump and I can’t necessarily tell whether movement speed does anything to how fast I’m actually moving.

Movement speed increases your speed in anything outside of sprint, so yes, it slightly helps, but his base aerial speed makes it difficult to make worthwhile. Strafe jumping is much more Caldarius’s domain - Benedict gets more mileage out of double/triple jumping over someone’s head and bombing them from above as they swivel.

Sprint speed has one niche application for Benedict, and it’s that if you Liftoff from a dead sprint (without Evasive Pattern Benedict), it retains your momentum, which makes it a much better escape tool. Improving sprint speed will increase this lateral movement as well, obviously.


If you use one and have the backwards lift enabled you will see a dramatic improvement.

I could have sworn one of the Devs confirmed that movement speed gear affects sprint speed.

My phrasing is poor here - it does, but it also increases movement in jumps, ADS movement speed, and the like. That’s what I meant.

ah my misunderstanding

Ah yes okay thanks, but also that’s why I’m asking because I specifically jump back and forth or just all around, over people’s heads when I play benedict cause I can’t help but be engaged at a close range and I just really needed to figure out if it was making me move any faster. I run capture benedict for the most part so I’m mostly in the fight.