Movement Speed or Sprint Speed Gear?

Which do you think is better for him, movement speed or sprint speed gear? Why?

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I’d say movement speed, so that you strafe faster. It’s insane on ISIC with his movement speed helixes.

Oh, you didn’t specify Pendles… I’d still say movement speed.

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Your gonna spend a lot of time running as Pendles and he already has decent base movement speed
His sprint modifier while uncloaked is where he suffers
I say sprint speed

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The biggest problem that I have with Pendles is people who just turn and run away. I can’t seem to catch them. I usually take movement speed, but they still seem to get away most of the time. I am wondering if sprint speed would help more with chasing them down. If it is his sprint speed that takes the hit when he is uncloaked, then this could be what I am looking for.

Do start a 1v1 fight with Injection?

Yes, usually. I take the bonus damage for attacking from behind with injection, too.

Try saving for when they start to run away
They’ll have their back to you while they’re running

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This^, and take Cobra Strike. It not only allows you to dash foward and hit a running player, slowing them, you can also use it to get some considerable verticality for escaping and backdooring.

I strongly recommend both movement and Sprint along with atk. Dmg, I use the unstable neutral accelerant and purple boots with run speed and movement speed (forgot the name) along with the pacifier, bit white gloves will also work

Also go for the extra slow time helix to easy stick to your target, however my playstyle revolves around kill conforms, normally inject kills em