Movement to the right bug

Hello I wanted to contact the forum with my problem. I have finally bought Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition. But now I notice that there is something wrong with the controls of all characters. As soon as I move the joystick to the right to go to the right and release it again, my character does not stop going to the right. It behaves as if my character would “float” or “glide” to the right, but always slowly but noticeably. I’ve also switched from battery to cable power and from WiFi to direct connection to the Xbox, but the result remains the same. The only difference I noticed is that with controller A the movement to the right is much more intense than with controller B. Nevertheless, it is disturbing with both. Do I not notice a setting here or what is the reason for that?

I’m on playstation myself; but i feel the settings would work about the same; there is a setting to adjust deadzone (for joystick sensitivity), which should solve “most” of the issue

I have this same issue. I went out and bought an Elite controller for Xbox thinking it was my regular controllers. It is still going on, i have rest the controller 6 times, added new firmware, tested it on other games. It turns out it is a game issue

Controller Settings > Advanced > Dead zone settings. That should let you null out the drift issue.

You will sometimes still experience a bit of slide coming out of a vending machine (for example); usually, a quick flick of the RS usually fixes that for me, otherwise a slight deliberate movemet (I think it’s something to do with terrain/collision)