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We make new threads for new movies all the time but we really don’t got a place to talk about older movies or just movies in general outside of RTT, so instead of flooding that thread I made a new thread to talk about anything movies.


I still consider Ghost in the Shell and Sin City as some of my favorite all time movies.

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So we don’t immediately go into a batman fervor… what’s everyone’s favorite movie?

Use your own definition of favorite. Some people overdramatize it and go “What do you think is the best movie mechanically?” “What movie means the most to you”, etc, etc.

I define it as simply “What is the one movie you could watch, no matter your mood, at any point in your life?”

Mine is Snatch. By a mile.


Oh man, good thread idea! I actually have one of my faves plying in the background while I work right now: Batman (1989/Tim Burton). Another Burton movie that’s one of favorites is Sleepy Hollow. It gets a lot of hate and I don’t understand why. It’s super atmospheric and amazing! A few more of my faves are: Blade Runner, Dark City, and I really like The Crow a lot too, even though it’s a pretty terrible movie in many ways.

But yea, I tend to love anything that’s dark, atmospheric, Sci-Fi, fantasy, action type stuff. I also like Horror a lot, but not torture porn type of stuff. Getting a bit older has made me squeamish I’m sorry to say.


I think I have heard the title Ghost in a Shell befor but never seen it, never seen Sin City either but it looks like an enjoyable movie that I’m planning to see.

Snatch baby, I recently rewatched it with two friends who had never seen it and it’s as amazibg as it has allways been.
To bad my VHS copy broke.

Another favorite film of mine is Django Unchained, it’s an amazing film and imo Tarantinos masterpiece.
I got a lot of favorite movies.

Thank you, we talked about one in the Suicide Squad thread because we where derailing it talking about another dc movie so I decided to make the thread to prevent that.
Plus I like talking about movies.

So many old movies to catch up on but so little time.

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On the note of Batman, I find Heath Ledger’s take on the Joker not as great as everyone make it out to be.
Don’t gett me wrong, I’m not saying he did a bad job but something jsut strikes me as not completely fitting.

I love his preformance but if you just took it outside the films and showed only it saying it’s joker it would look like a bad Joker.
A lot of people that watched the dark knight trilogi was new to DC so that’s the only Joker they know.
That joker only fits as Joket in those movies universe, outside that it’s unfitting.
I think it will be the same case with Leto.


Full disclosure: I loved Heath Ledger’s Joker. I thought it was an awesome “real-world” take on what The Joker might actually be in real life. Having said that, I would say that it might have been a liiiittle overrated because he passed away immediately after that. Again, I really love the performance, just throwing that out there.


I’m not completely sure if you would like it. Since it is a anime adaption of a popular manga. The anime has 3 movies and a 2 season series to watch.

Based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, first movie follows 3 diffirent characters, each with their own story. Have yet to watch the second movie. But if you don’t mind a (neo-noir) thriller I can recommend it.

Just going to leave this here.


Funnily enough, I’m more interested in how Leto will perform as the Joker than when Ledger was announced as the Joker.

Might be a factor in it. Not sure. Again, I have nothing against Ledger.

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Yea I know what the movie is about.
From what I have heard the secound one us good too.

Certainely hope so.

Close Encounters in the 3rd Kind. Please.

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Anybody ever watched Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? Or Return of the Killer Tomatoes for that matter?

My favourite movie is There Will Be Blood. It’s like a perfect movie imo. The final scene and everything that leads up to it is just incredible.

Oh my god, so much to reply to. I’m going to try to hit everything I can here, let me know if I miss anything.

Dude, holy ■■■■, you are preaching to the choir. That is an amazing movie from start to finish. I may queue it up next now that youve mentioend it cause I havent hit it in awhile. So many nods to other horror films, great performances by pretty much everyon involved…

Very underrated flick.

Weirdly, its a hard sell as a 'favorite movie" to people I talk to, but to me, it has everything. Great characters, a great plot, humor, horrifying violence… and it does it all with a theme of “peoples worlds just interact”. Some will argue that pulp fiction does the same thing, but it does it with people that run in the same circles - Snatch is all about just random people’s actions affecting other people in the world, such a great ripple effect and so well done…

Yeah. Its my favorite movie ever. I love it so much I want to make babies with it.

I’ll say this about that. I walked into the Dark Knight midnight thinking that even after the death that Heath Ledger was a ■■■■■■ idea for the joker. I’d held this belief since the casting call done so many months earlier. I really, really, really wanted to ■■■■ on the dark knight for having ledger involved. He wasn’t a good joker casting, and I was really mad about it. There was actually, I ■■■■ you not a part of my brain thinking “he’s not dead, this is just a publicity stunt. I’mm going to watch this movie and the stinger is going to be heath ledger waving and giggling going ‘the jokers not dead, hah!’”

And then I watched it.

And I had to eat crow for a solid two weeks afterwards.

He did… amazing things with the character. Real, amazing things, and I loved every second of it.

His performance is what cements it in my mind as the best comic book movie ever. Almost everything else about it is great, but he… goddamn he blew it out of the water.

I wish we still had him around.

Compare his joker to “The Dark Knight Returns” joker, or “The Killing Joke” joker. I don’t think there’s much of a difference.

Exactly! There are some amazing nods to the Hammer films of the 50s, 60s, and 70s in there, and I’m a huge Hammer fan.

Not sure if you’ll like the statement, but I consider it “The last Great Burton Film”. I liked big fish, but it seemed like that was the last thing that he made the right atmosphere for what he was creating with a solid storyline and interesting characters.

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I hate to say it, but yea, it did kinda feel like the end of an era.

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