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I saw it on the feed and skipped it man. From the promo it made it sound like scientists make serious discovery of threat to the world and warn people and everyone just completely ignores the warning was not in the mood for a 2021 biopic at all at the time so skipped it. Definitely seemed like there was going to be that overall theme of idiot public ignoring the science type vibe from the blurb though I could of course be wrong. The parallels with Covid and the rise of facts no longer being imuteable but a source of debate seemed extremely likely and I was certainly in no mood to relive that in any form. Not even sure I got the right end of the stick on it. Just how I saw it going from the writeup.

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It’s definitely a social satire and, while not exactly a comedy, is definitely played for laughs. It takes a poke at R/D divisions, social media, media cycles, Big Tech. Very entertaining.

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I actually watched the 1st hour before I went to bed last night Jefe. Seems it is exactly what I imagined it was. While I did not hate what I have seen so far my pure disgust with the state of the human race definitely got triggered and I find myself firmly on the side of the huge space rock and am waiting gleefully for impact at this point. on the bright side I have always really disliked Merryl Streep and this film allows me to do that guilt free. Bottom line is I think the reflection it shines back on humanity is far too close to truth to be considered satire if I am honest Jefe and my faith in humanity is at an all time low. though having said all that I will now go finish the movie, though if that damn rock misses after all this I will feel cheated for sure.

Edit just finished it now. In truth my guess at what it was going to be was so spot on I really did not need to watch the movie at all. If like me you already feel humanity has reached its lowest point in it’s soceital evoloution I would definitely say skip this as it will for sure make you want to go grab an AK-47 and help usher in our demise. The acting in it was good but the story itself was too on the nose for me to view as satirical. Definitely not one I could comfily recommend to people especially if I know they are already depressed or had a rough time through 2020/2021.

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SO I watched the Eternals last night after it finally arrived on Disney + unfortunately the most interesting thing about it was seeing Rob Stark and Jon Snow back together on screen as love rivals. I have never read the comics so I don’t know any of the lore on these guys but it seems to me from what we get they completely wasted Angelina Jolie’s character she is playing a version of Athena who is losing her mind and is as likely to attack the team as she is the bad guys. I feel they could have let this character develop a bit more leading to an epic meltdown which they constantly hint at but never comes. considering they are all essentially gods from various Pantheons you kind of expect/ want a lot more from them than what we get. Unfortunately what we get is another super weak post Infinity Wars Marvel film. Trying to decide what I liked more this or the Hawkeye series which I really did not like. is like trying to decide whether you prefer someone to take a dump in your coffee or your cornflakes. Neither are pleasant and you should probably avoid both if you can.


The Eternals has generally been taking a ■■■■ kicking by the critics so it’s been off my radar. Marvel movies are all surface and even the best of them don’t stand up (looking hard at you Black Panther and Shang Chi) to repeated viewings so if one is deemed to be sub-par, I’m not interested.

There is so much story potential with this IP. I mean TONS. It’s also extremely easy to botch since traditionally most of their dealings are with non-humans.

I stuck with it but this by far was the most Disney treatment I’ve seen. Frustrating since this is becoming a pattern (Loki, WandaVision are still sophomore attempts despite their try-hard approach at being unique).

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