Moving Saves and Profile

I pawned it and never picked it up. My plan is to have another by the end of summer. I figured this ps3 would last me that much longer. Also…now this Xbox is screwed too. Tray won’t open. I guess I can’t complain for a 13-14 year old system that I probably put the majority of hours on, the ps3 has been great. I definitely got my 80 bucks out of it. I’m about to go buy another one actually… edit. 65$. Pawn shop about a block away. There ain’t no rest for the wicked… also, my old ps3 actually does boot up. It will play dvds. So I should be able to stick all my main saves and load them up. All of them, actually but idt I’ll mess with all the mules


OK this is a shout out for help to you guys who I trust over pouring thru countless websites. My ps3 stopped reading discs. I bought another one. I put in my mem stick and loaded up my old characters. The old saves won’t load cause it’s from a different user. Any way around this? Sorry if there is a more relevant thread I’m just too tired to look right now. I just wanna play

You should be able to create the exact same account on your new PS3 as on your old. Haven’t poked the PS3 sitting here much at all, but I would imagine there should be a way to move your profile from the old to the new using a USB or external HD? That’s how I migrated everything from one 360 to another, anyway (fortunately had all the saves and user profiles on an external HD!)

Yeah I was wondering if just naming the damn thing the same would work. I guess I’ll fire up the old system and try it. Idk if there’s anyway to actually copy the user profile

You should be able to log into your PSN account on the new PS3, unless there’s something about having the same account on multiple systems idk about

I don’t use psn. No wifi. I just wanna play lol . But thank you guys so much for trying to help me. Means alot. It just seems weird that all that gear I’ve saved up over the years and I thought it was safe because it was on a stick, and now it’s useless cause only this broken ps3 can use it. Idk. I guess I’ll find an ether net cable, set up a lightning rod, and wait for a big thunderstorm. It is springtime…

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If you can boot the old and new PS3 systems and have an ethernet cable, try the system link. And I thought PSN was free with PS3? Or did they change that after releasing the PS4?

I just had a message pop up and say “you did not earn a trophy” Lolz…I guess cause I’m not on psn. Yeah I’ll try the ether net I guess. It doesn’t say you have to use psn.

If you using the same credentials on both PS3’s it has to work, I have 2 PS3 with same PSN account and never have problems using my backup saves on both of them. Account ID has to match.
Then you could use your saves on other unit.

Oh you know what was even weirder…actually the first time I tried to load up a character…mordy…it did work…sorta…it dropped me in fyrestone…at the bus stop…with no gear in my backpack or equipped at all. And everything in the vendors was 48. I had forgot to install the patch. Once I did tho is when I couldn’t load my character at all.