Moving to appropriate venue (Lore completion not working)

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Guy having an issue with Ambra’s Lore completion. See linked thread

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I am having a similar issue for Kleese. Not sure if this is relevant, but I got the trophy for completing all Kleese lore challenges before actually completing his lore challenges.
After completing all lore challenges (Kleese’s lore page is full), I didn’t get his item. I went to the challenges page for him and noticed something odd:


I have “The Curmudegon” marked as Complete for completing all lore challenges.
In “Master of Kleese”, the check is marked for “Complete all Kleese lore challenges.”; however, the “Master of Kleese” progress is still “0 / 2”. I’m assuming this is part of the problem that’s preventing me from obtaining the legendary Kleese item.
With everyone else that I’ve completed the lore challenges with but didn’t level to 15 yet, it shows a “1 / 2” progress in the “Master of …” challenge.

I have the same thing with Kelvin. Lore page shows all completed but challenge page only shows 4/5