Moving to PS3 from PC

I want to buy the game for my PS3 and I have a few questions…

  1. Is it possible to use my PC profile on my PS3 so I won’t have to start over?
  2. Could I play with my friends who are using their PC while I’m using the PS3?
  3. Which deal is the best you think for the game (and the most packs)? I mean, can I buy it from other places or just the PlayStation store?
  4. When I’ll buy PS4, will I have to buy the game again or could I download it again for free (since I already bought it for PC and will buy for PS3, don’t want to pay 3 times for the exact same game…)
    Thanks a lot!

Not through any legitimate means that I’m aware of.

Sadly not.

In Australia we have EBGames where you can buy pre-owned copies for cheap prices, I don’t know if EB is worldwide but their should be similar game shops like that, generally pre-owned copies are much cheaper than purchasing on the PlayStation store. Then you can buy the season pass from the PS Store.

You will have to buy the Handsome Collection on PS4. However, you can convert your PS3 saves to PS4 via the cross-save feature.

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