Moxsy build amara

Guys just got my hands on these items anyone interested ?
Also have a x14 300/90 facepuncher If needed

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what would you want for the class mod and the face puncher?

That driver is dope lucky you,I’d like that. If you want anything in return lemme know :+1:

Hey, SK, I would be interested in the Spiritual Driver if you have another
Thanks, cheers

GT is conch8

Send :+1:

Any ch or 50/150 weapons ?

Sent you a couple, cheers, buddy, thanks

Appreciate it man thanks :slight_smile:

You have those for Xbox?? Dayum! I’m not sure I have much to offer but if you have spares of those I’d love to try them out! GT whatevercb.

SK, plz check your mail, I am a doofus

No worries I can send again :+1:

Id really appreciate the driver if you have a spare :+1:

I started a new thread, I am looking for a Nukem, check it out, plz.

I’m working on it :+1:

Just wanted to touch base,

I’m trying to farm it now you had any luck so far ?