Moxsy’s Minigun Iron Bear is REALLY Good!

OK, I’m plugging Moxsy on this and I don’t really do that for Youtubers. And perhaps he got the build from somebody else… blah, blah, blah, I don’t wanna get into that.

But the bottom line is I have always liked mini guns on IB….

They have always just felt like what a “Mech” should be firing….at least to me.

But unless I was using explosive miniguns they just felt really under powered compared to railguns. And the darn explosive bullets killed me far, FAR too often. Always lead to a frustrating experience.

But Moxsy’s build takes normal mini guns and cryo-mini guns and turns them into monsters!

He uses the new Heat Exchanger mod Which I pretty much turned my nose up at originally because it was based, once again, on mini guns. He also uses the purple tree heavily and pretty much ignores the tried and true blue tree……as well as a whole bunch of other “always used” Moze skills.

Iron bear has a huge up time and my downtime outside it is literally just a few seconds before I’m right back in laying waste.

It’s fun…and different……

And effective as hell.

Recommended with one change and correction……

He claims that the Dark Army Drones would proc elementary status effects on targets while in IB. They don’t….the do shoot targets but with non elemental bullets. Doesn’t really matter as they provide more damage and tend to fix enemies in place somewhat.

I would also change the anoint on the Dark Army to 100% mini gun damage.

I used the Electric Banjo I have had in my vault since level 50. Gonna get another one at 65 although it’s really not needed.


I’m building a minigun Moze at the moment. I’ll take a look.

Also put a point into dokka bear, and when you’re about 3 quarters through your action skill jump into your turret. You can’t take damage, and benefit from topped off, action skill ends and you get back into your mec instantly. I use this for my infinity bear build, as I don’t plan on ever shooting a normal gun with Moze.


What he meant with the dark army is that it can trigger stuff like experimental munition and the like. And that can ignite enemies to trigger stuff like biofuel. I personally don´t use plus ultra, iron bear is so tanky that he doesn´t need that. I just use something like red suit or embers blaze.

Heat exchanger can roll up to +4 in feature creep, so keep a look out for that.

Moze doesn´t really has a bad classmod, only maybe some outdated ones. You can take any legendary classmod of hers and make it work in some way. The other vaulthunters (except maybe flak) don´t have that diversity.

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Good point and a good consideration… but his build doesn’t use Experimental Munitions and he admits the mistake in his comments when a poster points it out.

No big deal…the Dark Army is a great choice regardless.

Totally agree….This is why I think Moze is the most interesting character to play…so many different styles and variety.

Really like the Dakka Bear addition…

The ONLY time I get nervous in this build is when I am waiting for IB to com back online. I feel very weak and underpowered as infantry only.

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I just want to add that you can have a back up flame mod to get IB back quick if you don’t mind some menu time. It’s a bit of a cheat I guess but can help in high pressure fights like Hemo, or if you just wanna swap out some cooldown reduction for more damage.

I also wanna add if the feature creep bug gets fixed it will probably borderline kill the com. That kinda carries it at the moment.

Video won’t play at the moment so I can’t check it against mine.
Since general winter doesn’t do splash damage I’ve pulled a heap of points from the blue and put them into the purple. Only have the bubble shield in the red and gone down the green tree to get specialist bear.
As much as I can’t see the clip I think the Dark Army is likely more a gimmick then anything useful.
Best weapon I feel is the trick unforgiven with minigun annointment. The crit damage applies when in the turret.
A last stand artifact with action skill cooldown helps me with both cooldown time and that little extra insurance waiting for the bear to be back. Like a comment above, you can jump out a little early, get in the turret for the cooldown using the unforgiven.
Best grenade is a singularity or force grenade. Mine is the whispering ice which I think is the best option plus it also goes with the theme with general winter. It’s a lot of fun.
I have the best exchanger with the 4 points in feature creep. Between that and a multivitamin plus ultra, you really don’t need the bubble shield. I sat point blank next to the raid boss and my armour barely dropped. It’s awesome against Scourge as you can stand next to him in his immunity phase while the Diadems blow up next to you and take him out.
Happy to share my gear if people want to try it. I’m a few days away yet from being online.

How does it compare to this?
Plus 1 point in security bear.


What is the “Feature Creep Bug?”

Simply because they have allowed a com to Boost a 1 point skill with 4 more points?

I agree…take that away and the Com becomes far less useful….

And why would I even want to farm the Seer?

Oh and guys…really great input and thoughts you are all putting in.

Much appreciated and thanks!

Could this work mod with an Iron Cub Build….

And add the 3rd gun as the extra Assault Rifle Option

Use all the IC/IB boosts in Damage while not going so far down the Purple Tree but getting Feature Creep and the Minigun power from the Mod

Use the extra points to beef up Moze more?

Now you have a hefty Moze as well as a Hefty long sustain IC…with less worry about cooldown

4 Weapons constantly in action
2 Miniguns
Whatever Moze is using…Plasmacoil for instance
Extra Valdoff Fire AR

With the advantages of Short fuse, FitSD TCP etc….

Yes you could do that. Two rolls on the class mod to boost Moze would be what I would look for. Weapon damage and splash damage for example. Action skill damage as the other one to boost the cub would be perfect.
It wouldn’t be as good as the Flare though given the Flare bonus applies to both the cub and Moze.

Huh? Did NOT know this!


An update and a plug….

Appears to me that Moxsy got his build from @Prismatic and RamenDeliveryTruck.

Looks like the only thing he changed was add the Electric Banjo as an option.

Maybe he thought it up by himself…fine…whatever, but I thought I should plug (probably) the real source.

I also think a Radiation Recurring Hex with the +20% chance to spawn might be better than the Cloning Hex he recommended. But it’s a minor point.

I have been running it the last couple of nights. It’s fun, and different, and very effective.

A little less effective with Hermi or a boss with a big Armor bar…but you can work around it.

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The build doc’s build idea and execution is almost entirely Ramen’s. I just offered a bit of insight when he was fine tuning it at the end.

Its about all I do in the theory crafting communities at this point. I’ve not sat down and tried to create a build or play test it since probably dlc4 at this point.


I have been playing minigun moxy for ages , its the solution to any bullet sponge problem :rofl:

I’ve been playing my own minigun build since the beginning. I recently switched to a shock railgun, because dang it if I wasn’t knee deep in big shield enemies the whole time with what I was working on. But I definitely prefer minigun to railgun, and will likely switch back soon.