Moxxi bl3 character why/why not

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Should moxxi be a character in bl3? There is probably an old discussion but I wanted to revive it so people can express any and all ideas.

While making a moxxi character would be relatively easy as there are a lot of ideas for skills, it could also hurt the system of the game, as moxxi is an important NPC who gives good heal weapons and missions. If she is made into a character then the player loses the chance to get a new combination of moxxi weapons as well as a slew of missions.

What are your thoughts? Should she be a character and why or why not?

I think she should stay as an NPC. For reasons you already mentioned.


I think Gearbox could make it work story-wise if they wanted to. At some level, I don’t care who the character is as long as their combat mechanics are entertaining.

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Action skill = flash
Stuns all eniemes for like 20 seconds lol

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During which time the player can melee with Moxxi’s wrench; further stuns, deals damage, and a % of damage is restored to the player as health. (Also lifts cash from the victim’s wallet!)


Haha yes. Well if the devs want to add her they have her action skill lol.

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That could be single skill perks. And each kill restores 15% of her health. She can also wield rubi only during this time, where heart shots deal crit damage

One of her Capstone skill could be
The drunk effect
Throws a bottle of booze which causes whatever it hits to take 6x damage for like 20 seconds

What he said. I’d rather she stay an NPC because she is Borderlands.

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I personally would to but I’m just throwing out ideas.